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Thread: Private/White label programs

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    Private/White label programs

    Hello :-)

    I presently work for a small company marketing our products on the web so I have a good understanding
    of marketing. I would love to start a new project from home and feel an affiliate program would be the
    best place to start but have been racking my brains for ages now on what products or services to promote and have come to the conclusion that I am not the right person to have a content driven site with banners and links to other peoples products.

    What I would be interested in doing would be to find a program that allows you to replicate its content and data base obviously with a new look and feel under a new name and domain. I understand these to be called Private/White Label sites but I have only managed to find a few and they are not very impressive. Does anyone know of some good programs or REAL drop shippers that are worth working with.

    Also any other thoughts or advice would be great...

    Thanks :-)

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    Hi Bruno,

    Do you know how to work with datafeeds? Many merchants have them. You use a program similar to webmerge. Create the look of your site on your domain
    then pull the database of product info from the merchant to create your own affiliate store.

    You can find alot of info and merchants that offer datafeeds at the datafeedforum. Plus I wrote an article about datafeeds for beginners if that would help.

    As far as pure template white label sites, one of my clients - chatdollars offers the option, I think Amazon does and possibly

    Maybe some affiliates can chime in with ones they know of???
    Linda Buquet :: Google Places Optimization Specialist :: Catalyst eMarketing
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    Thank you for the great advice :-)

    I have just checked out the datafeed forum, great resource.
    I don't know anything about datafeeds but will be reading your beginners guide.

    Thanks again

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    OK, if you don't know anything about datafeeds yet here is an AWESOME tool. It lets you build complete product pages in about 2 minutes. Play with it here but then be sure to join any affiliate programs you are interested in before you use it so you can add your aff ID.
    Linda Buquet :: Google Places Optimization Specialist :: Catalyst eMarketing
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