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Thread: Does Yahoo! scramble results?

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    Does Yahoo! scramble results?

    Does anyone notice that Yahoo! seems to scramble results a little?

    An hour ago I was in the ten spot, an hour later I am at #12, and for the same exact keyword with an S at the end, I am at #1 now, but was at #3 an hour it just an update occuring while I check things out, or are they randomizing the results a bit?

    And howcome results are SOOOOO very different for a keyword string with and with an S at the end....

    Are there any stats about wether searchers make products plural or singular more often when they search?

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    While is is not uncommon for minor fluctuations to occur in SERPs I am seing stable results on many of the sites I monitor, so I don't think Yahoo are randomizing or scrambling their search results.

    You can get information on how many uses search with the singular and plural of a word at .

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    Can you comment on my Yahoo problem in the other thread?

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    Can you point me to the thread Jack?

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    free please

    Does anyone know of a ticker like the one suggested above *that is free*?? and shows all the real top words, not a screened version.

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