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Thread: submit my site in DMOZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by aldarich View Post
    Try again -- this time changing something in your submission because the first one did not work
    You obviously missed the bit about a new submission overwriting the previous one. Resubmitting is a really bad idea.
    Perhaps add more pages, make the homepage more appealing and put more content on it.
    You would do that just to get listed in DMOZ? Really? If your site is that bad, should you not be doing that for the visitor?

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    Thats correct they wont bother coupon code website. But kamrenroder0 do Submit it because you never know when is your lucky day. I have submitted around 5-6 sites in Dmoz directories 5 months ago and it is not approved yet, who know weather they have crawlled it or its in the queue

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    its really very difficult to get listed in dmoz, you have to submit your site to accurate catagory and forget it. when you get listed then you will be inform by dmoz. dmoz play important role in seo bcoz google use these directories to find out the queries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weslygibson View Post
    when you get listed then you will be inform by dmoz.
    Not true. DMOZ do NOT send notifications.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesadam View Post
    I think Dmoz submission is too much difficult and it will take much time.
    Submitting a site is not difficult and only takes a few minutes. What are you doing that makes it so difficult and take so much time?

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    i try to add my site in Domz but its not index i dont no why

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesadam View Post
    Try again and follow the instructions and terms of Dmoz for submission. May be it will take some more...

    All the best!
    J adam
    Please do not be so stupid as to follow that advice. Every time you resubmit, you just overwrite the previous submission with the new date ... a really dumb thing to do if you want to get reviewed.

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    got on DMOZ

    I tried submitting my Jewish music site livejewishmusic.comseveral times. After adding the resource page instead of the main they had it up within 2 weeks. I'm still trying to add prestigemerchantservices.comsite up.

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    Submit your site to Dmoz, follow the tips and Dmoz instructions, one day if you are lucky you will be surprised to see your site appear in Dmoz or one of the many sites that use Dmoz database. If the website is a nice one there are good chances to get it listed but it may take more than one year - it was the case for two of my websites I even forgot I had submitted them. What's worse I did not see a huge improvement in ranking - well I did not see any but let's give Dmoz some credit - since they were listed on Dmoz. Though I get very minor traffic from Dmoz sites.
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    No its not necessary, though it does give some advantage over ranking
    I have 25 websites ranking well without any dmoz submission
    I submitted 3 of my websites to dmoz and yet to get revert from them after 4 months

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