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Thread: How to properly decompiled flash ?

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    How to properly decompiled flash ?

    How to properly decompiled flash ?

    Greetings everybody, this is my first post.So far I have never worked with flash, so I need help.
    I would like to process the flash, which I found on the Internet.I tried it with sotnik decomiler, but my flash than does not work properly.
    Could you please anyone of you to convert swf to fla ? or someon would handle my flash I pay the symbolic price for this.PM me.Thanks

    All I need is a change text in flash

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    hi, darksider, I'm a bit late.

    but di you still have an issue?
    if you need help- feel free to contact me.
    As for now - I would suggest you using SWF Decomplier v5.5.
    I think this might help

    Best regards

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