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Thread: how to buy a domain privately

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    how to buy a domain privately

    We want to purchase a domain direct from the seller - how can we do this securely and safely?!

    thanks everyone!

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    Re: how to buy a domain privately

    I dont understand what you mean. Do you want to buy a domain name. There are lots of companies with domain registration, You can pay via paypal which a secure mode of payment.

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    Re: how to buy a domain privately

    yes but we would like to buy direct from the seller - how can we do this and ensure that our payment is secure and we receive the domain name before any funds are released?

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    Re: how to buy a domain privately

    You can pay via paypal. Can i know who is the seller. There are sites like Go daddy etc where you can buy the domain.

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    Re: how to buy a domain privately

    There is a difference between private and secure. It sounds like you are trying to purchase a domain from someone, and are simply trying to protect the transaction, rather than privacy protect the purchase and registration of a new domain?

    You would probably want to use an escrow service such as the one offered by Sedo to protect the transaction. Once the domain has been turned over to you and that has been verified by the escrow company, the money is released.

    If you will be keeping the domain on the same registrar, you may also be able to contact the registrar for assitance in ensuring the transfer goes through successfully. Especially larger registrars such as Network Solutions and GoDaddy should be familiar with these types of transactions, and may have programs available to protect the transaction.
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    Re: how to buy a domain privately

    thanks for the advice - yes i am looking to purchase it direct from the owner so an escrow service sounds ideal - I will look into Sedo thanks for the advice!

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    Use escrow and protect the domain with whois guard after the registration.
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    Yes, paypal is the secure way of payment. You can not only get your domain securely, but you can also have security for the ownership of your domain by using Private registrations, which will hide your personal details of Name, Address, E-mail id and Phone number. This service provided by numerous people but i do my registration only at

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