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Thread: Yahoo Directory Charges

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    Yahoo Directory Charges

    I have read that there is a charge ($299 US per year per website) to list a site in the Yahoo Directory.
    Can anyone tell me if it is worth the expense?
    We have 5 active sites.
    Deb Alloway
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    Hi Deb,

    I know it is expensive being listed, but from my own experience our sites have been crawled by all of the major search engines much deeper since getting listed in Yahoo.

    We went from 500kb per day to 28mb every other day. Our PR went straight to 4 within 3 weeks of being live, maybe a coincedence of the update schedule but all our sites as a rule have become more popular.

    It is also a good tax right off as well!

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    Yahoo Directory charges

    Thanks for your response. Never thought about the benefits of a tax right off. :)

    Deb Alloway
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    Hi Deb,
    It's a tax right off simply because it is an advertising cost, a cost that any company or business would need to do in order to generate exposure to their services.

    So for all my sites that I have added to Yahoo, skaffe, goguides, joeant etc, etc I simply collect the receipt submit it to my account and hey presto it is offset against my tax.

    The same goes with any promotional or advertising related issues - adwords, overture, espotting I've claimed a percentage back from all of them.

    True it takes a while to see the benefit of a tax offset, but at least your money is being doubley well spent.

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    Yahool Charges

    Yes, I see your point.
    The strategy I am thinking of is to list two or three of our bigger sites. This will help keep costs down for one year and give us time to evaluate the return.
    I appreciate your input.
    Deb Alloway
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