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Thread: Strategies to enhance the user experience

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    Strategies to enhance the user experience

    Nielsen Norman Group Report:
    Site Map Usability:
    47 design guidelines based on usability studies with people using site maps

    Site Map Usability Guidelines

    This report is offered by NNG as a token of appreciation to their subscribers. It is a free download. Linking policy is stated clearly at the bottom of the page. Briefly, link to the page, not the PDF, and do not host the PDF on another domain. This is copyrighted material.

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    Re: Strategies to enhance the user experience

    A lot of great stuff! So few people utilize the Site Map angle on smaller sites, but definitely on the larger sites we see a difference. Nice to have a study report to back up the numbers, and even nicer that the good folks as NNG are offering it for FREE! It's a long read, but worth the run through when you get some time!
    Conor Treacy
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