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Thread: Can anybody make money from a free site?

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    Hi, I would spend my first 10000000 hours or however long it takes, finding myself a unique product or service i could brind to the internet. Dating has been done, people are dating through the internet for free already. I think there was even a proposal on WPW a little while ago.
    Also when finding link exchange partners, get yourself business contacts and suck as much as you can out of them, help, advice etc.

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    I am doing OK!

    It is ok here. Presently I have laison with another friend and he is designing a website for me. My free site is doing ok. The sales are coming in slowly and the leads have doubled within the past three months. I have bought a domain name with my commissions and some software. Full blast off and launch in April.
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    I am still into affiliate marketing. I only use the free sites as landing pages for my google campaigns. I have actually invested money in buying some domain names to promote my sites. It is amazing how your thinking changes when you have spent money on hosting,webtemplates and domain names. My first thought was "how am I going to recover these monies", well I did, with a few profits here and there. Now it seems like I am addicted in buying domain names. Is there a way to make money from doimain names?hmmmm...
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    More More More: It has happened to all of us at one time or another. You buy up domain names like they're going out of style and have strategic marketing concepts for each and every one. They are "in your eyes" absolute gold mines...and some actually could be with a lot of development.


    Actuality: You'll probably only get around to developing 4 or 5 of the 50+ domains you have registered unless your setting up disposable web sites (a growing marketing trend to promote Google AdSense). The others domains will collect dust at their respective registrars and the only time you'll even think about them again is when you get hit with the renewal fee.

    Recommendation: If you're new to affiliate/internet marketing stick to one or two domains to start with and turn them into profitable resources. I don't mean meerly recovering your hosting and advertising fees either. Make them profitable.

    The domain name game can become very expensive and addicting if you do not know what you're doing. Selling domain names on popular networks like Afternic is not an easy accomplishment so save your money.

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    Yes I remember overdosing on them domain names. Went totally overboard buying "milestone" names, confirmation, babtism, graduation, barmitzva, funeral, birthday, retirement etc. etc. The idea was to run a similar strategy on them all with variations. In retrospect it was like trying to raise 10 newborns at once. One is a handful. The same logic applies to websites as in trying to feed 10 growing children with food that is meant for two. Some of them may survive but ...

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    you are lucky,many people here give you a lot of suggestions.What i can say is do your best to optimize your site with google and other search engine ,it will make you more and more should only two things,the first thing is to find your products in Affiliate Market ,the second thing is SEO.Get an affiliate marketing ebooks,it can help you.

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    I am not ging to give up. Although I am not earning thousands like almost every body in this forum, I will some day.
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