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Thread: Twitter as Marketing tool

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    Twitter as Marketing tool

    Do you have any tips on how to use twitter for marketing? I've recently set up one for our company, and I'm still struggling on how to use it so we can get more sales. I have no problems using twitter for personal use, but now I'm clueless.

    Thank you guys.

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    Re: Twitter as Marketing tool

    Twitter is an opportunity to build relationships, be an active member get followers who are interested in what you have to offer, that will make people to be exposed to your updates on a regular basis. Update your Twitter status regularly and give a long-term commitment to it.

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    Re: Twitter as Marketing tool

    send your past customers a notification that your now using twitter. (with a link) Maybe they can follow you...

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    Re: Twitter as Marketing tool

    The best thing to do is try to find something new or interesting or 'news worthy', something you believe your customers would be interested in...then go to Twitter and just Tweet it...

    For instance Google has many Twitter accounts, let's say they've just released a new blog post on their Adsense Blog, then they will go to Twitter and Tweet it.

    For a company it's not to be used daily with Tweets like - "Hey guys, just boarding a plan...", nor is it to be used for spam your followers with the same info every day. but if your company is hiring 40 new copywriters than you would Tweet that new development.


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    Re: Twitter as Marketing tool

    Build your follow list in the same niche and post frequenly to your list with your URL embedded in the tweet.
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    Re: Twitter as Marketing tool

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMan View Post
    Build your follow list in the same niche and post frequenly to your list with your URL embedded in the tweet.
    Only if there is a URL to link to.

    Don't simply link to your URL with every single post...that's spam...just Tweet something that is news-worthy or other words, something your customers should or would like to know.

    If you sell cars and you've got a promotion for December, you should visit Twitter and Tweet about that new promotion. If you have a landing page specifically for that promotion, then link to it. If there is no online version of the promotion, but only instore and on tv commercials, then simply Tweet about it and move on.

    Don't spam.

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    Re: Twitter as Marketing tool

    And keep in mind the object is not to collect followers or follow everyone who follows you. The emphasis, as stated above, is to Tweet and reTweet USEFUL information.

    We all have enough "noise" in our lives.

    My other advice;
    • be yourself
    • add value
    • set a budget for how much time you want to spend on this and stick with it!
    • find a good tool to help you manage your information flow; TweetDeck, Minggl, Ping are all good places to start
    • And did we mention, add value?

    And it's OK to have fun with it!
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    Re: Twitter as Marketing tool

    It's tough with 140 characters, but make sure your tweets that contain links have enough descriptive text to instill confidence in the link. With the advent of links that are complete gibberish, no one I know clicks on a link unless they a) know the sender well, and/or b) get enough information in the tweet to have some confidence that the link isn't going to Nappies and Knockers, or something similar.
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    Re: Twitter as Marketing tool

    Use it to post new products, your biz in the news, even news articles that pertain. Make your link to a landing page. We were just featured in Martha Stewart, we tweeted it.
    Our biggest gig this month was the confetti on the stage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week...we tweeted it. It's just one part of the social network marketing but it's growing into a big part.
    Hope this helps and welcome to Web Pro World

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    Re: Twitter as Marketing tool

    What do you do on Myspace, Facebook or Linkedin? Generally you chat with people specifically. Sometimes you'll post a bulletin or tell people what's on your mind, but generally your having specific conversations with people. Do the same with Twitter. Start conversations, don't just put stuff out there (ie links) but start communicating with peeps...

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