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Thread: How to format my Laptop with Win XP

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    Re: How to format my Laptop with Win XP

    Make sure that you back up all your important data before you continue. When you partition and format a hard disk, all the data on that partition is permanently deleted. You can view current partition information without deleting your data.

    Use the ARROW keys to select the partition where you want to install Windows XP, and then press ENTER.

    Select the format option that you want to use to format the partition. You can select from the following options:

    • Format the partition by using the NTFS file system (Quick)
    • Format the partition by using the FAT file system (Quick)
    • Format the partition by using the NTFS file system
    • Format the partition by using the FAT file system
    • Leave the current file system intact (no changes)

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    Re: How to format my Laptop with Win XP

    Hi Web Marketer,
    Here are the following list of steps to install XP on your laptop.

    1. Insert the XP CD into the cd-rom and reboot
    2. If you insert the XP disc while you are in XP, it will ask you if you want to reformat. Do not choose this option. Make sure to reboot!!! If you do not, it will try to reformat using the HDD for temporary files, and this will cause errors.
    3. Press F12 to enter the one time boot sequence. Choose CD-Rom; reboot
    4. Welcome Setup Screen ---- press enter to setup Windows XP
    5. License Agreement ---- read if you want (although nobody does). Scroll down to the bottom, and press f8 to accept.
    6. Previous XP detection ---- hit ESC to reformat and have a clean install of XP
    7. Create/Delete & Choose a partition --- Create or delete any partitions, If you are unsure about partitioning, select the largest partition. Once you've made your selection, press enter.
    8. Select NTFS or Fat32 ---- generally NTFS is mostly used, although either will work fine. If you would like a quick format, you will want to make choose one of the top 2 choices. Once you have made your decision, press enter
    9. Format --- warning: this will delete all information on selected partition. Verify that you have selected the right partition. If you have the correct partition, press F. If not, press esc to go back to step 5.
    10. Setup and Reboot --- does not require any user action. Leave CD in the drive after reboot.
    11. XP Setup --- some questions will be asked (some of these might not apply depending on if you are installing Home or Pro edition)
    1. Regional & Language Options --- select language (default: English)
    2. Name --- enter your name (company: optional)
    3. Enter CD Key --- located on the bottom of you laptop (right side towards the back)
    4. Computer Name & Admin Password --- enter the name that you would like your laptop to be known as. Enter an admin password (can be left blank but for security reasons this is not the best option). Make sure to write down or have some way of remembering your admin password.
    5. Date & Time Settings --- set the time & date to your local time
    6. Network Setup --- if you are on a home network, use this setup to configure your laptop to connect to your home network. Otherwise, skip and go to the next step.

    12. During the setup process, it will say that it is installing applications takes about 30 minutes. These applications are standard XP applications -- not junkware.
    13. Once the installation and format is complete, it will reboot and take you to the Welcome XP Screen which will ask you if you want to register with Microsoft or create any additional screen names.

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    Re: How to format my Laptop with Win XP

    from all the responses that i have read, "thersey has the complete instruction from inserting the installation cd up to the Welcome XP screen shown after rebooting the PC. Well that is actually very nice of you but for the starter of this thread, there are a lot more to do after formatting your laptop with XP, you need to gather all the drivers for your laptop to complete the installation such as video card, sound card, LAN driver and a lot more.

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    Re: How to format my Laptop with Win XP

    start DOS and type format c:/q/s
    then insert CD and restart and xp will install automaticlly.

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    insert your bootable cd then open your BIOS to select option to BOOT from CD/DVD drive.....
    then your screen will display message to press any key to boot from CD.....just press any key and your system will start booting from CD...
    then you have to agree to terms by pressing F8 and then you will get an option to select drive in which you want to install your fresh can also make partitions of size you want.....
    and thats all it will format the drive and copy the files and start installing the just have to wait and watch....

    Just be sure before installing the fresh copy that you have the CD-KEY with you.....otherwise all the hard work and waiting will be of no use...

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    formatting on laptop like formatting on PC. There is no difference here. Boot from CD and then follow the instruction on the CD

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    Your hard drive is where EVERYTHING is put including your OS, in this case XP. You might need a new hard drive for it.

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    Hello everyone, I have bought a new laptop,But I am facing the some problem,I want to format my laptop with win XP.Please some sharing.Thakns in advance.

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