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    Web Programming Forum

    If you need help with your JavaScript, PHP application, Java, .NET, etc., this is the place to come looking for help. Feel free to post resources here too, and generally anything that is helpful for folks interested in getting scripts and programs to work on their sites.

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    General advice

    Hi everyone,

    Feel free to post on anything that relates to web programming here. We can't always guarantee that our members will be familiar with a particular language, but there's usually someone somewhere willing to help.

    When posting, try to include as much background information as possible, for example, the platform you're running, OS (if relevant) and perhaps most importantly, a code snippet (providing it's not too long!).

    If you haven't see it already, there's a useful list of resources and links to popular discussions here.

    Hope that helps, look forward to seeing you all around the forums!

    Moderator - Web Programming

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