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Thread: Which CMS?

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    Which CMS?

    Hello eeryone,
    i want to create a Counter Strike Source server website. Currently i'm using php-fusion, but i don't like it and plus i'm moving to another hosting company.I would post a website, but it dosn't allow me yet.
    I need CMS with forum, wide configuration list, i understand a little in php and html and css, stuff like that, so i don't need argument why one better than another is good admin system. Ofcourse it's good, but i won't take it as the main and only argument. Anyways, the point is i can't choose from Frog, Joomla, e107, Drupal, CMSMS and all other systems. What do you think? Which one nad WHY? Thanks.
    Joomla has lots of exploits i think.
    e107 fixing things in my opinion...
    Frog is somewhy good, i don't know why.
    CMSMS is good too i think.
    Well, just post what do you think. Thanks.

    P.S. post why do you think so and don't post any like drupal or worpress which is for blogging. I'm creating not a blog.

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    Re: Which CMS?

    Hello newn! Welcome to WPW forum.

    After reading your post, I can't just recommend any CMS for you.
    As you said each has its own limitations, so which one do you feel to be better?
    Actually, I like wordpress but you are not into blogging.

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    Re: Which CMS?

    Thanks for quick reply!

    Well, i like Frog, CMSMS and e107. I can't choose one. That's what i'm asking.

    P.S. i guess i can ask in this forum too about themes, can't i? Because i definelly going to need it.

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    Re: Which CMS?

    E107 and Joomla is a good choice for your purposes.

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    Re: Which CMS?

    Interspire have a good one but costs dollarinos

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    Re: Which CMS?

    Yea, too much for me. Currently i like e107. Except i can't find a good theme for it.

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    Re: Which CMS?

    Went through the same sort of process a few years ago - had a short list then of Mambo and Drupal, and ended up choosing Mambo (then forked into Joomla), and we've been using it ever since.

    Main reason for choosing it was we just felt it was more user friendly and easier to use for novice users, plus there's a host of plug in components to do pretty much anything you might want (some better than others of course).

    Quote Originally Posted by newn View Post
    Joomla has lots of exploits i think.
    Not sure the Joomla core has any more than any other CMS (don't think there'll ever be a 100% secure CMS of any type), and any identified vulnerabilities are patched pretty much immediately.

    Can't say the same for some of the 3rd party add-in components where developers may be more or less aware of security issues, or just more or less active in continued development of their components. But I guess that's a pretty similar scenario to any Open Source project.
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    Re: Which CMS?

    That's a detailed answer. I like that.
    Well, i was talking about SQL exploits. There's lots and lots of them for Joomla. And e107 patching them immediatly. ANyways, currently i'm sticking with e107. I have no hosting yet, so i have one more day (i hope) for choosing the right CMS. THanks.

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    Re: Which CMS?

    Need more information to recommend a CMS. You really haven't given us much information about what features you need or what you are looking to do with your website. Most CMS started out as blog posting systems I.E. Wordpress, but now they can do a lot more, have you tried using wordpress, it can do just about anything you want to do with a website (and normally a lot easier than coding yourself). And there are tons of free plug-ins.

    If you are looking for the most customizable system, something where you can get your hands on the code I would recommend Drupal. Personally I would not use it, by the time you do all the customizing with Drupal you could probably have built your own system in the same time.

    i don't need argument why one better than another is good admin system. Ofcourse it's good
    Not all systems have a good admin system, and since this is a CMS the admin system is very important.

    So if you could list the specific features you are looking for we could give you a better idea of what system to recommend.

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    Re: Which CMS?

    Okay, i'll list them:
    I need to implement other pages (stats and bans) into the website, so it will open as a page or something like that.
    I need FAQ page.
    I need nice downloads system.
    I need just a simple custom pages system.
    I need a nice theme (looking for someone who could help wit that...).
    I need poll plugin (Based on Ajax is the best).
    I need a shoutbox on the side.
    I need some news page (starting page).
    I need adverts widget (side thingy), so i can put some google ads and other adverts.
    I need a forum. If there is no forum, then a very nice PHPbb linking system.
    I need a server status widget, so my Counter Strike Source servers are show (map, image, players, names, slots, connect DNS).
    I need a SQL DB backup plugin.
    I guess that's all. I guess i missed nothing.

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