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Thread: Best linux distribution

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    Best linux distribution

    What is the best linux distribution? Ubuntu, debian, mandriva etc.

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    Re: Best linux distribution

    The answer to this question is really going to depend upon what you're looking for - rate the following things in order of importance:

    • Bleeding-edge software versions
    • Community support / learning curve
    • Total available applications
    • Security and stability

    Also, what is your level of Linux experience - how long have you been working with Linux, how have you been using it, and what areas do you feel you could improve your knowledge in?
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    Re: Best linux distribution

    In addition to Dan's questions, what are you going to be using Linux for? A web server, database server, domain manager, workstation, file server, media server?
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    Re: Best linux distribution

    What is your purpose, if you want to use it as server, in that case you can go for RHE and if you want to configure local PC's, you can use any GUI version....depends on your needs

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    Re: Best linux distribution

    Yes if you want it to work as a server then you should go for RHE and if you dont want it as a server then go for any GUI.

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    Re: Best linux distribution

    Looks like we won't be hearing back from treker anytime soon...

    For the record, I am a big fan of Debian for server deployments and I'm presently using Ubuntu on my laptop (though I may switch over to Sabayon if I ever find enough free time for troubleshooting).

    I'd recommend Ubuntu to novice users - the Ubuntu user community appears to be very reliable in coming up with answers. (and it's only novice users who ask "which distro should I pick" - a few months of experience is all it takes to instill the RTFM/DIY attitude...)
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    Re: Best linux distribution

    I am here daniel, I am just very busy. I am going to use the linux distrubution as a server.

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    Re: Best linux distribution

    For servers; CentOS 5.4
    For work Mepis.
    For fun Ubuntu.
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    Re: Best linux distribution

    i think ubuntu is the most professional and most famous.

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    Re: Best linux distribution

    Quote Originally Posted by ciidoctor View Post
    i think ubuntu is the most professional and most famous.
    Yup for me Ubuntu was the only one that I was able to efficiently operate.

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