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Thread: Opera is not bad

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    Re: Opera is not bad

    This is awesome. Although Opera was always the fastest in real world browsing, it feels good to beat everyone in these artificial benchmarks as well..

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    Re: Opera is not bad

    Opera is a good browser. I've seen many teens using it.
    On the other hand firefox is used by the matured internet users.

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    Opera is a coolest browser on the planet with bad marketing!

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    If you have slow internet connection then Opera is the best browser for you as it works faster on slow internet connection. ( my personal experience).
    I use three browsers, Opera when my connections works slow, Firefox for SEO purpose it have lots of plug ins which are useful for SEO and third is Internet Explorer when my internet connection is fast I use it and both three are great..
    Till now my experience about Google Chrome is not good, it opens very slowly, load slowly. I dont know the fault whether its in my internet connection or in the browser .lol..

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    I used to use Opera for more months but FireFox had more useful add-ons so I have switched.
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    ))) right in the point! more advertisement and it could be most used browser.
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    I never use opera, I always use Firefox and some time Google Chrome , I will try opera also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masyk View Post
    Opera is a coolest browser on the planet with bad marketing!
    Now with chrome on Google's home page, there is only one way to get it known, every web master that likes the browser has at least one link to the Opera home page.

    Or it could for security reasons be installed by default on new computers.
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    Yeah Opera is fast and good, but there are some sites where I visited and when I click on image gallery of these sites they dont show the images, if I visit with for example CHrome it works fine, so I guess they need some more work
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    Opera is not bad for everyday browsing but it's nearly useless in web-development. Lack of extensions and bad integrated developer tools places it deep under Chrome and Firefox.

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