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Thread: Don't Hoard Your Google PageRank

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    Four pages and this is what I learned.

    Google may do this or may do that or may not be around or may not matter in a year.

    Google is saying that they are going to be able to read Javascript.

    The original post was here Did that say
    May 21, 2002. Shows how fast there able to do what they say. (:

    Anyway I think everyone agrees that Google is trying to read Javascript and when they do they will add those links. There will be no sites being penalized for using Javascript. So the way I see it four pages to say that Google may start reading Javascript and the reason for this is because in May of 2002 Google Guy said it was going to happen.

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    Amazing Janeth, how you managed to sum up the real content of sixty or more posts into a few short paragraphs.

    Perhaps there was not much content there???

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    I have scaned through this post to see if there is an answer to my websites falling off the top slots in Google.

    I have not found an answer!

    Not sure what google have done or what they are trying to do. But I will say this. I have many clients who are laymen internet users, over the last 4 weeks I have had many of then mention that google is not supplying the results they want. i.e.

    Many searches are just returning search engines in the top 20 listings ! ( very annoying )

    The searches are not returning the info they want !

    This might be due to Google having teething probs I don't know. But I for one am not going to change a thing to my sites for the mo. I have top 10 listings out of a poss 2,000,000 sites in Yahoo and other engines, for many of my clients. I would be a little hasty to disrupt that on a whim and a prayer.

    IMO Google might have droped a clanger here.

    What exactly are they tying to do?.. If it is to provide only exact relivant web pages to a given search term, they have failed. The only way this can be done is to scan every page with a human eye. Computers can always be fooled.

    Theres an old saying "If it aint broke, dont fix it"

    Can anyone tell me what was wrong with the old Google? I for one have used it for years and found it to be great, always coming back with what I wanted.

    I have a feeling this change has come about due to Google being floated on the stock market. With other parties wanting a slice of the cake Google is going to have to make more and more money ( Alot more ). So is this the start of some sort of directory service where you have to pay big bucks to be in the top 20?... I dont know.

    But the yahoo browser bar is lookin more and more attractive to me. Is this goodbye Google?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riklaunim
    I've made a small test. At the end of my main page i've added a code:
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript"> <!--
    document.write("<? include("a.php"); ?>")
    a.php contains only an include for the stat script. Opening index.php will not turn on the stat script, only opening a.php will do it :)
    If you've got time for one more test, try that with a fully formed URL ( and see who crawls that.

    I wouldn't expect Googlebot to crawl a.php if they were actually parsing the Javascript, because it's not writing out an anchor tag. I think parsing Javascript is what their experimental bot is supposed to do.

    Phil: A lot of folks read the "other paper" (Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine) and not the original PageRank paper. Anyway, it's not a penalty. :D

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    Even when Google starts reading javascript, it won't prevent anyone from still hiding their outbound links. Because it is script you can leave parts of the url off and build it dynamically. You can break it up into several pieces and send it to a script function as parameters.

    If the person coding the link wants to hide it from the search engines then it can (and will) be done as long as there is a motivation to do it.

    Google is always trying to refine its methods to produce a better product. By "better" I mean what they consider better.

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