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Thread: Paid Linking Campaign - How To?

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    Paid Linking Campaign - How To?

    I'm basically in need of a brief lesson about paying for links. What criteria should I look for, when buying a link other than a good Google PR? How do I find good sites to advertise on that have a theme related to what I sell (automotive)? What should I expect to pay (I don't want to pay $500 for a bad link)?
    Any insight is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you are going to pay for links - do not approach it from a PageRank perspective or as a way just to boost your own PageRank. Look for sites that are closely related to your products/services and that can drive you qualified visitors on their own. If you follow this and they are good sites - the rest will follow...
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    Bad Idea

    This is really a bad idea , Never ever pay for such a thing.

    Reason I : You do not know about the history of that domain you are linking,

    Reason II: this thing is never going to be under your control

    Reason III: You never know when google is going to change its algorithm Other domains PR may fall, resulting bad for your site.

    Other day i read is these forums only best is go for quality content development , the good quality content will improve you on search engine lists & qulaity content folks will like & link your site. Believe in Quality Generation.

    Another best thing with your money you can do is go for PPC or Paid Listing. This tools if you used properly can directly help to generate qulaity click on your website.
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    Paying for links

    You want sites that have a high PR, so they can pass you some of their high PR. Don't bother paying sites for a link unless they have a high PR, unless they have an average PR and are prepared to give you a link hardcoded in thousands of pages, which will then generate for you a good amount of backlinks, and boost your rankings. Otherwise you may as well pay search engines for click throughs, because that is where the traffic will be. A site that sells you a link isn't looking to put you prominently in their pages unless they are a search engine. Content relvancy is good, but generally, if you find ANY site (that looks legit, and not seedy), and has a PR 7,9, or 9, and your link is on one or several of these pages (price will vary based on the number of places you put your link), then regardless of the subject matter (with the exception of XXX and $$$), your rankings will boost, because

    a) You will get 1 or hopefully dozens of backlinks which will bump you higher in Serps

    b) Send some PR over to your site. As your PR increases, other sites will want to link with you, perhaps to the point that they want to pay you to have their link on your site!

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    There is a famous website that is an auction website selling hi Pr links :
    What I recommand is if it's affordable not over $100.00 a year then, it's fine but text links must be displayed on a hi PR page and website must be same topics than yours and must also contain same keywords. Otherwise it will not be useful for buying any text links. Because it has Hi PR and keyword you have, you will get higher rank (but not sure) and the great thing is that you get a lot of visitors from thae website you ve place your text link, because your site have the same topics.
    Of course before buying any links, as already said, I will recommand trading links (it's free).

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    Find Good Reciprocal Links

    I wouldn't pay for a link, there's no need.

    Below are some really good research tools for you to use while looking for high ranking "free" links.

    First get yourself these two toolbars:
    "Alexa Toolbar" and "Google toolbar." See **Free Toolbar**

    These two toolbars will tell you just about anything you want to know about any website on the Internet, including their rank and contact info.

    A while back I bought an e-book titled "Power Linking" that was very informative and helped me understand the value and reasons for adding the best links you can find and how to get lots of them:

    And finally you may want to buy reciprocal links software that will organize your link exchange program and make it easy for people to link to you, and help you contact potential link partners.

    The more expensive sofware - the best one - is ARELIS. Well worth $99. This software is a real time saver. It comes with link request e-mail templates you can send to potential link partners. With the click of a few buttons it will find links for you using your search keyword. It will even tuck you in at night...just kidding.

    And the second one is "Linking 101" - $45. I don't use this one but I know folks who do, and they like it.

    Both of these software applications have an affiliate program, so you can get your money back by selling them on your site.

    And of course there is a reciprocal links freebie you can get - find it here The drawback to Bravenet is that you will be bombarded with e-mail ads that you must agree to recieve if you want access to all of the freebies at Bravenet.

    There ain't nothin' free no more. Probably never was!

    Good luck.

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    In my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with paying for links. However, there is a smart way to go about it. I have a set of rules I usually follow when going about this:

    1. I look for quality sites that I can "partner" with, becoming the official ticket supplier of said site.

    2. I usually want to be listed on all or a majority of their pages.

    3. I will check Google to see how many pages they have indexed, the more the better to increase back links.

    4. There usually is an agreement that they will not prominently feature any of my competitors.

    5. Price is always an issue, so I ask for traffic and page view numbers.

    6. And last but probably foremost, I make sure that the site is attracting the type of traffic I am targeting, and is relevant to my site.

    As for advice, prices can vary wildly. Just make sure you will gain some relevant traffic in addition to the link popularity factor.


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    I agree with achronister. There is nothing wrong with buying a link. It is like adv. on someones website.

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    Buying and selling links for the purpose of increasing one's visibility to search engines goes against the spirit of counting incoming links to gauge a site's importance.

    When there are more paid links than the actual popularity "votes" that Google set about to count, then Google becomes a paid directory--but payment is going to third parties, not Google.

    However this is Google's problem. They did anticipate such things from the start, though they could hardly have imagined how it would have developed.

    Buying links is legal but barely ethical if Google is to be more than a paid directory. Bear in mind that it is Google's job to maintain search integrity by making link selling worthless and pointless.

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