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Thread: May I make a comment?

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    May I make a comment?

    Webproworld is one of the best forums I have seen. This is the only reason I follow it every day. (I do not post every day but I like the contents). There is - for me - a problem. When you decide to ask a question, you ask many questions in a matter of a a few days. By the time I figure out how to respond to "be decisive about fonts" you come up with "It's not easy being creative". Both subjects interest me and I would like to be involved. But I only have a couple of hours per day to work in front of my PC.
    Maybe I am the exception and the others are 6-12 hours in front of a monitor, but is their a chance of spreading out the ideas you get to something like 1 or 2 per week. It will be easier for many people to follow up on more forums than just 1 or 2 subjects.
    This is just my opinion. Please do not let it interfere with your thinking if I am in the minority.

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    Senior Member Brittany's Avatar
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    I understand what you're saying, but this forum is live 24/7 and for that reason, is constantly changing. There's always something to discuss, and every day we feature new posts on Page One. (Actually, I've been thinking lately that we need to start featuring MORE posts because 5 just doesn't do the forums justice, IMHO)

    If you are feeling overwhelmed by the daily newsletter, you can very easily change your preference to weekly. When you receive the newsletter tomorrow, click the link at the top that says "Change to Weekly" and voila! You will only receive WebProWorld once a week, on Saturdays, with the top five posts of the week.

    Let me know if you have any more questions or comments, or if you encounter any problems doing this.



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    I have to hand it for you. You always have a way with words.

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