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Thread: iTunes/iPod Dragging and Dropping

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    iTunes/iPod Dragging and Dropping

    I have an iPod nano connected to my computer/iTunes right now. Is there any way
    that I can drag a playlist onto my iPod? I have attempted the dragging method
    onto my iPod with and without syncing enabled and cannot get it to work.

    I guess I am stuck with syncing when I want a new playlist on there? When
    I do with checking 'Selected Playlists', it only puts the individual playlist/s on there and wipes everything else. If I check 'All,' it uploads everything one by one again (the same thing if I do 'selected playlists').

    Is there any way I can drag and drop playlists onto my iPod on iTunes?

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    Re: iTunes/iPod Dragging and Dropping

    You really need to sync the ipod before you can drag any playlist in there. If your ipod is synched with another itunes, then there's no way you can put in any playlist there.

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