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Thread: Bing pr9

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    Re: Bing pr9

    Yumm! Bing got millions of visitors and it is really appreciable matter to get 9 pr in very short period.

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    Re: Bing pr9

    Quote Originally Posted by govindseo View Post
    I think Bing is not new it so Google give PR!!!
    The site is new but the domain is not new.
    It is created on 1996-01-28.

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    Re: Bing pr9

    no wonder many sites are redirecting theirs to new sites for high PRs. Oh well, thats a secret

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    Re: Bing pr9

    If the redirection is the only secret, then webmasters would use this as their tool to get high page rank.

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    Re: Bing pr9

    nice to see the increase in PR, traffic and that means more traffic from Bing.

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    Re: Bing pr9

    I think MSN & bing merge and that's why MSN's pr pass out to bing.

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    Re: Bing pr9

    If only we could all get the amount of inbound links bing got in such a small space of time!

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