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Thread: Have Site, Need Traffic

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    Just to let you know my surf-exchange. com site just crashed the server it was on! They say the amount of popunders it was delivering was hammering ther server! So I guess I that's a good problem to have! ;)

    hopefully I can get it up before I have change servers.

    I am telling you this idea of making a surf-exchange for sites related to your site works!!!!!!

    Plus you get to make money off the members if they want to buy extra popunders!


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    Re: Advertising your site

    Quote Originally Posted by hbonline
    Believe it or not I use Pop-unders, I have found it to be a quick and cheap way to increase traffic.
    I agree with "hbonline", The best free traffic is pop under traffic exchange if you already have another website that have lots of traffic (I use TrafficSwarm), you can host your pop under on it in return you promote your new website. I will also recommend buying ads in good Ezines, just type "ezine advertising" in your prefered search engines to find some. But the last but not the least is Search Engine Optimization (free if you do it yourself or up to thousand dollars done by SEO)
    I don't know what your site is about, but what I do to get traffic and subscribers is to build a quality freeware or Ebook and submit to all freeware or free ebooks websites. Guarantee you'll get traffic if your product is in demand and is a quality product.

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    Paid search engine marketing

    has anyone used submit pro to get traffic if so what are you results? I've been considering using them but want to know what eferyone thinks. Right now I use their free service once a month along with dream submit and a few others.
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    Re: Paid search engine marketing

    Quote Originally Posted by ms_promoqueen
    has anyone used submit pro to get traffic if so what are you results? I've been considering using them but want to know what eferyone thinks. Right now I use their free service once a month along with dream submit and a few others.
    Submit to search engines will not give you better traffic. Your website must be optimized and have a lot of reciprocal links (Hi PR site links that match your keywords). Yo can go with ineedhits or any web promotion (free is better) it will not change your rank and since you've not in top 20 under your keywords and under Google or Yahoo search results, it's waste of money.

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    Need Traffic

    OK here is another thing I do:

    I generate quite a bit of traffic as discussed previousely through popunders. But what good are those popunders if they don't stick around??

    Well I give away FREE STICKERS and guess what I get about 20 requests for stickers every day! that's 7,500 requests per year, or over 21,000 in three years!! now that sounds like a long haul but I am in it for the long haul.... keep in mind they have to e-mail me to get the sticker which means I get their e-mail address ;) I now have a e-mail list of over 7,500 and growing. This is great for a newsletter, or even selling ads to local business in the newsletter.

    I was giving away a t-shirt for FREE and only charging $5.95 for shipping and handeling, that worked pretty well considering I found a place that will 6 color screen and INCLUDE the shirt for $3.95 think about it that leaves $2.00 for postage. It is virtually FREE for you, but you could have thousands of people walking around advertising for you! is the link for the shirts if your interested.

    I like the stickers a little better because they are easier to mail, easier to pay for upfront and you don't need the visitor to part with any cash. You wouldn't belive how many cars in my city have my stickers! Very Cool!

    This is not for every site, some just strike a chord for a sticker and some don't.

    oh yeah, I just remembered get a guestbook!! you get e-mail address from those too!

    I hate to admit to this but I used to do a search in google for guestbooks! lets say there was a vollyball tournament at the beach, I would search for "Guestbook Vollyball" (this link is one of the guestbooks I found just now!) , see all the e-mails!! , snag all the e-mails and send away. No one thaought they were spamed because it related to something they were interested in in-fact I got replies saying thanks for the info!! Now I don't want any of you to do this, that would be bad ;)

    I am now a reformed e-mailer ;) Gee I need a Drink!

    Anyways, what I am trying to say you need to get creative!! you need to make your site a visitor gathering machine!!



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    Need Traffic

    Here is another idea:

    Have a contest! I gave away a surfboard it cost me $275 for the board but I got a couple thousand entries. I will do it again and now I think I could get 5,000 entries! that is 5,000 email addressess.



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    How to advertise websites.

    How to advertise websites. Methods of internet advertising and promotion. Here are some advertising methods that you may have considered to promote websites. Free tips and ideas...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghstdrgns
    I then went to and used their SEO-Doctor tool (which is free for now) and did a test on my index page for Knoxville web design. I then took about 2 hours and optimized my index page to end up with a 27 out of 30 score for the “Knoxville web design” term and a 30 out of 30 for the term “web design”.
    I've subscribe free and try the seo doctor on many top 10 ranking websites under different keywords found in google results. All I can say is that none were 100% (good or excellent)but mostly "bad" and all was top 10 ranked ;-)

    I only trust in hand work SEO.

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    Just to think. Maybe if i (or you?) create my own toolbar (for example using this soft), customize it for my site and register it somewhere it possibly may bring an additional traffic! :)

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    Do doorway (gateway, smart) pages working in improving seo? What are the dangers and advantages please?

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