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Thread: alt and title attributes in IMG and A tags

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    Re: alt and title attributes in IMG and A tags

    Quote Originally Posted by weegillis View Post
    I put it in a full html page so you can see it in the rough. A lot of code was removed that is covered in the CSS. You could use this for a starter external stylesheet, if you wanted.
    One more comment about the html you painstakingly posted. I created a new page in my WSYWIG program to view it and it's overwhelming. For instance, I'm so far behind the current way of coding, that I don't even know for sure what a code snippet is.

    I'm not trying to engage you in a discussion of code snippets. I'm trying to state that although I appreciate all this wisdom, I think it's too late for my sites to redesign them. I'm not superwoman and this project is too much.

    People starting a new site would definitely benefit from this help. Let's hope they get into the conversation!
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    Re: alt and title attributes in IMG and A tags

    HTML Code:
    <p><dfn>Code Snippet</dfn>: a piece of code that can be replicated and inserted elsewhere in a page or a site.</p>
    Often we repeat a structure over and over, with only the contents changing, not the markup code that wraps it. If using CSS and a class, the structure may even maintain its presentation and positioning properties. Most HTML editors offer a way to store and retrieve snippets.

    Similar to templates, snippets are not meant as templates, as much as chunks of repeated code. Code that appears in the template for a site pretty much covers the core page layout, where code in a snippet will confine itself to a small block of markup that is not usually included in the actual template, or may repeat a small section of the template.

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