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Thread: Search engine/directory Promotion

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    Search engine/directory Promotion


    I have built a search engine and directory. The search engine will scoop up anything from the net, but i just want the directory hot have travel or sailing sites on them.

    The idea is that it is almost impossible to compete with the larger search engine, so i build a on to target a niche market.

    Is this a feasible option, can one go up againt the larger engine and become a destination site for those searches you do on travel etc.

    The trouble is i find it all too easy to click into the Google toolbar and type in my request without even thinking about more specialised sites that will cater for a more relevant search. If i do this then i guess millions of other people do it too. So is there any market for niche directories.

    How can i promote this? any suggestions welcome.


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    Re: Search engine/directory Promotion


    If you work hard at optimizing and getting the directory to list good sites, google will recognize the resource and it will come up in a search for the terms you are focusing on.

    With the current algorithm, Google tends to give well designed and populated directories a good page rank and good placement... so there is hope for your directory.

    Try not to do the "based on DMOZ" results you see all over the Net. Less work and planning - even online - results in a bad user experience and a site that won't get off the ground. Try adding some good articles on the subject. Get a news feed that zeros in on your topic. The more resources you provide, the better your directory will be and the more it will get used.

    We've been working on the Chiff directory day and night for months and have gotten decent placement and page rank... but we pay for it with loss of sleep and social life ;-)

    Starting a business - that's what your directory is - takes focus and time. If you're willing to put the effort in, it gets noticed by your users and the search engines - including Google - will pick up on it.

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