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Thread: Me and my daughter

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    Re: Me and my daughter

    You little girl... tsk, tsk... I've one of those as well... I'm thinking the boys are going to be lined up at our doors when the girls get to high school. She's gorgeous and your little guy's pic makes me smile too.

    Good lookin' family ya got there!

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    Re: Me and my daughter

    You've got 2 gorgeous kids. I wouldn't have said your daughter looked Asian but shes got a very stunning face.
    Deb Harrison
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    Re: Me and my daughter

    Quote Originally Posted by goodmast3r View Post
    very cute boy
    Good looking kids man, but I wouldn't have said that... That made me nervous...
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    Re: Me and my daughter

    nice pics

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    Re: Me and my daughter

    very cute little baby

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    Sweet and cute kid!!
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    Your daughter looks so cute! She has very beautiful eyes!

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    You have beautiful kids.

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    thats so cute.

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