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Thread: osCommerce install problems

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    osCommerce install problems

    I've downloaded the osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 (07/12/2003)and the The Exchange Project Preview Release 2.1 (03/06/2001) But they do not install. When opening the Un-Zipped Install file, the Open With Program menu shows. There is no install.exe in the folders. The 2 install files for each download appear to be dat files only. How do I install these programs to get started?

    I have just this morning registerd on their forums section, but have yet to receive a confirmation email after requesting several, so I can't leave a post yet. I need to start a project using this software this week. Any help would be welcomed!

    Jo Ann
    Jo Ann

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    Hi Jo Ann,

    Glad you chose oscommerce!

    The installation for oscommerce cannot be done as a standard Windows installation.

    In the main folder there should be a file called INSTALL, which will explain, you need to open with notepad
    You need to upload the files to your server and then perform the installation.

    There are 2 folders 'catalog' and 'admin'
    You need to go to to install the cart.

    Hope that helps
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    Ahhh, cyanide and I have won another convert! The best step-by-step installation and modification guide I have found is at osCDox.

    osCDox left out the first step, a bottle of asprin. Just kidding, good luck.

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