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Thread: Which software for clients to use

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamx551 View Post
    I suggest you convert your clients' static websites to oen that can be installed using Content Management Systems like DotNetNuke, joomla, wordpress etc..
    I specifically use DotnetNuke.. I design the skin, upload it in an DNN environment and presto! the client now has the option of building the content like texts and graphics by himself because its very easy. The nice thing about CMS is that your clients dont need FTP software or html editor installed in their system.. All they need is internet and the access codes to enter into the edit mode of the site. Hence, they can work anywhere and whenever they want as long as there's internet.. They can even update their pages using IPhone.. that will be very convenient for your clients.. Best of all they wont mess up the structure and layout of the skin so that's peace of mind on your part and savings for your clients..Hope this helps!
    I too agree with him and for myself i will opt the same and that's the most end user freindly tool with having no thecnical knowledge .

    and most best feature that they are now easily wap enabeld so a major plus factor for current market strageics
    so go for some this open source CMS
    Easy & Free !!
    Every time there is new begning ..
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    Re: Which software for clients to use

    Call me a dinosaur but I don't agree with using CMS. I yet have to see one which doesn't create code that is 3-4 times as big as what you can do "by hand", doesn't have serious search engine optimization flaws, won't force me to do important security updates and bugfixes every couple of weeks, can handle tableless designs and won't let me start all over again with all my custom modifications when a major new version comes out. I want to spend my time on creating content, not on just keeping the system running. Therefore I always recommend Contribute to my customers as it doesn't mess too much with the code. I'm happy though to be convinced otherwise...

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    Re: Which software for clients to use

    Quote Originally Posted by Clarrie View Post
    Here are a some sample Joomla sites we've done:
    Custom designs:

    ...(links removed)

    there are plenty of stock Joomla templates available - either free or $40 or so. And if you go with one of the stock templates, the learning curve isn't too big, either for you or your client - if you start off giving them only manager permissions, there's a limit to what they can do wrong!

    something to watch for, and think it probably applies to most CMS, choose your host with care - some are better than others, and the more comprehensive the CMS you end up using, the more important the hosting setup and support.
    Sorry but if I see a link back to the home page that is like in your first example there must be something wrong - probably not with the CMS but with its setup. I'm not allowed to post a link here but look for an article by Eric Enge, "SEO Hell, a CMS production".

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    Re: Which software for clients to use

    My preference for HTML editing is Dreamweaver an inexpensive alternative is Microvision Development's Web Express.

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