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    Hello everyone. I recently redesigned my ecommerce site and wanted to get your feedback and advice. I am open to all criticisms. Also can you look at it from a SEO point of view. My site is accessorygenie . com

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Review

    Yes sure another spam and you have a bad ugly rotten website

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    Re: Review

    I am not a spammer. I am new and would like some feedback on my site.

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    Re: Review

    I would suggest that you give reviews to other post then people will be more willing to give you a review.

    I had a quick look at your website , at first glance the look and feel look a bit "old".

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    Re: Review

    The site looks dated and cluttered. It needs a complete redo to look more modern and clean.

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    Re: Review

    Hi-Not sure why everyone is having a problem with you or your site. I don't agree that you have to review others to get a decent review yourself.
    At first glance i like the blue headers- and the site is ok. Its a bit messy but then i think in your area you might need a lot to get us to come and buy. It loads well, and so far -though i did not go through the entire site- its good.
    I have never cared for the ecommerce site you are using- so i don't like the side bars etc- a bit out dated- however with what you have worked with- its clean and nice.
    Customer service and "your account are large and for your site this is good as it would be lost otherwise. You might want to change up your keywords and not put accessory first - as this really applies to lots of terms and sites - unless you did not mean to use a comma after the accessory word- put the most important ones first.
    So there you have it. Not a bad site and again i am sorry that the others were not able or willing to critique your site.

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    Re: Review

    I hate to be critical but I didn't like every thing popping out as you mouse over. That may be a starting point. Maybe click to enlarge would be better. A lot of peoples lips move when they read and many have nervous mouse syndrome. On the positive side I like the graphics and color scheme. Blue is my color. Good luck to you. Hang around and don't be discouraged by constructive criticism. There is a lot to learn around here.

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