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Thread: Job finished ? nirvana !

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    Job finished ? nirvana !


    I have just finished an impossible job, within an alien time limit, and I feel happy.

    * the reason why (very technical)
    Some of my bulk e-mails were seen as "spam" from a great UK e-mail services provider, the best in the world they say - but those emails were not spam ! 3 weeks and tons of tests later, one message went through their filtering process and also through their final "skeptic" anti-virus agent.

    That's great believe it ! Skeptic is the final guardian, working only if the 3 / 4 antivirus placed before failed.

    * the sensation (very human)
    Did you already experience that strong internal sensation of luck, when you believe you've done a great job ?

    Seems that the world belongs to you. There was a strong sunshine outside today, it's the autumn here in France hence all the leaves are golded on the trees, a brown/yellow nice combination, and the sky is a full deep, blue, transparent one... The air is fresh, I think I could experience the same in Canada - their indian summer looks so great.

    Life is good to live as long as we experience this sensation. We are not just working "things" : we are humans, communicating with the whole world, flying on a blue dream among infinite white clouds, among wild winds toward what we like to be, talking with the earth spirit ...

    * the conclusion (very down-to-earth)
    That's all folks... tomorrow will be the next day, and the job will start again with new "impossible issues to solve", but this is just a usual requirement in the webwide world no ??

    Please share similar experiences !

    Hidden Content [ french only website sorry ! ]

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    I've had the same feeling many a time. There's a fine balance between having to worry/stress and knowing that you don't have to. I think it's something that comes with experience in the work place. In the beginning I was stressing allot. If a client gave me something to do, I was like a jack in the box, either crash coursing myself to learn new and more efficient ways of dishing up the latest design and then, afterwards thinking, gee, that wasn't really worth all the stressing!

    I think that if you become a good assessor, you'll be much better off, and that's talking in general, not specifically you Httpman :-) One needs to be able to assess whether it's worth the stress. I think this is a worthy topic for discussion?!

    So Httpman, go and enjoy the sun! Cape Town is a whopping 31 degrees today and here we're sitting inside, assessing...tsk-tsk-tsk. This is another topic which I'm going to start... watch out for it in the breakroom soon!!


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    I applaud your humanity!
    Wish there were more like you.

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