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Thread: Favourite movie?

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    Feb 2010
    recently moved from Oztralia to UKalia
    troll hunter

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    I like "The Pursuit of Happiness"

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    Jan 2012
    Kolossi, Cyprus. (I'm Scottish but raised in England now living in Cyprus!)
    The thin red line,
    Apocolypse now,
    Silence of the Lambs,
    Eh stick a war/horror movie on and I'm a happy camper ^^

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    10 things I hate about you and save the last dance..

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    "TITANIC" Is my favorite movie. Also The Mummy is my favorite.

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    Boune Identity triolgy
    Blade trilogy
    Crows zero 1&2
    in that order.

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    I remember the impact when I first saw Die Hard at the cinema way back in 1985 - great film.

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    I like Indian move

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    The Big Lebowski everytime

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    I love sport films. Rocky the best.

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