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Thread: Favourite movie?

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    Re: Favourite movie?

    Used to be Braveheart but now I have many in my list
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    Re: Favourite movie?

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    Smile Re: Favourite movie?

    Recently I have seen the movie "Night in the museum2". I really enjoyed it. It is very funny and at the same time educational. But I must admit the 1st one was better.
    Besides there is a movie I would watch every day and not get bored- "Lost" I adore it.

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    Re: Favourite movie?

    The Note Book
    The Dark knight
    The God Father I & II
    Pulp Fiction

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    Re: Favourite movie?

    Favorite movie? That's easy: Lord of the rings!

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    Re: Favourite movie?

    My favorite movie is the Harry Potter series. I loved the last installment: Half-Blood Prince.

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    Re: Favourite movie?

    My favourite movies are

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    Re: Favourite movie?


    The best science fiction concept ever created yet.

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    Re: Favourite movie?

    Boondock Saints
    Lord of War
    Fight Club
    V For Vendetta
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    The Dark Knight

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    Re: Favourite movie?

    I love What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams, Ran (Akira Kurosawa), Sound of Music, P.S. I Love You, and Harry Potter movies.

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