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Thread: Video Optimization Tips

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    Re: Video Optimization Tips

    Thank you for this information. I really need this one. I have concern on this, In optimizing the video , is there also an alt text like on images. Aside from using my site url to redirect the video, is there a possibility that i can put some of my keywords on that video?

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    Re: Video Optimization Tips

    The video file should have metatags embedded. These can be edited with most video editing programs. Depending on how the video is embedded in the flash player, the metadata may also need to be added to the flash.
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    Re: Video Optimization Tips

    OK, this link is from a fellow Brits site, and from what I have seen, read and heard is this the type of service that the Search Engines are likely to want to see, or, would a combination of identical video recordings albeit with different URL titles and different text be considered, well, almost in the identical content realms.
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    Re: Video Optimization Tips

    Many thanks David, I appreciate you doing that for me, very kind of you indeed!

    Kindest regards.


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    Re: Video Optimization Tips

    Very Fantastic Information reg this Video Search Engine Optimization.. I likes to add 1 more tip for this.. While doing Video submission the title keywords and description plays the major role for getting good traffic for videos.. So try to keep keywords in your title..
    Can u give me some sites where we can upload the videos..

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    Re: Video Optimization Tips

    Nice tips on video optimization. My daughter's video site seems to be able to attract a fair bit of viewers. Her video site allows different embed videos for various video sites like Youtube, yahoo, google, 6rooms, etc. It comes with keywords optimization for title and long tails url. After doing much video optimization, she is wondering what sort of ads will help her to generate income and how she can further optimize the site to increase viewers. Currently her site can draw about 40 -100 viewers per 5 mins and above. So, if she wants to increase further, what will be the steps needed?
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    Lightbulb Re: Video Optimization Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by crankydave View Post
    Nice post wige... Just a couple of points I'd like to add...

    Video Hosting... Whether or not to host videos on your own site or externally (ie youtube) depends upon what you wish to accomplish. If your goal is to drive the maximum amount of visitors directly to your site, consider hosting the videos on your own site. If your goal is to maximize the exposure your video receives, consider an external host like youtube.

    You need to do both.

    the whole point of video marketing is to get it spread about onto as many video hosting platforms as possible, thereby creating tens, hundreds, or thousands of viral links back to your money site while at the same time spreading your message.

    Once you've acheived this you then link, bookmark, rss embed all these video urls all around social media sites that you've joined created etc etc. You should also put lots of embedded videos on each landing page your own site to make it more sticky and reduce bounce rate and increase time on site. no need to host them yourself, and by doing so you are voting for your own video.

    Great post!! although I find it incredible that there are so few comments - considering the importance of this topic - video allows me to dominate long tail and gradually one of the ultimate holy grail keywords of my chosen niche on Google - and NOBODY else is doing it!! Keep this post quiet!!

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