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Thread: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

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    301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    Following on from the following thread :-

    Where it was pretty much agreed that Google handles 301 redirects fairly well...

    Does anyone have any experience with how long it takes for the 301 to take affect with regards to the 'Image Search' results?

    e.g. I redirected to a few weeks ago, and in the normal 'web' search results all my pages are pretty much where they were before - but with the new domain name which is great.

    But ALL my images have disappeared from 'Image Search' now for about 3 days..

    Anyone any idea how long it will take for them to come back?

    If it takes as long as it takes for it to pick up *new* images from my site - then It'll cost me hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars!

    NB - I have searched high and low on the internet for anyone who has any specific advice on this and have not found anything really helpful...

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    Re: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    Do you have 301 redirects from to for every image ?

    This woulld certainly work much better than just a redirect from the old home page to the new home page.

    Hidden Content finds 404 errors, error pages with 200 ok status, missing images, protocol errors, password protected pages, bad domain names, redirect loops, parking pages, ...

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    Re: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    Yup. Sure do.

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    Re: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    I also tried emailing adsense uk support (they used to reply to my emails) with the following:-

    I know that technically this is not your department, but I have been
    unable to find anything specifically helpful on the internet or google
    help about this..

    Basically, there is a good possibility that I (and yourselves) could be
    missing out on a LOT of Adsense earnings...

    In a nutshell I have done a 301 redirect from


    (every single image and url is exactly the same at the new domain).

    The 'web' search results in google seem to have picked up the change OK.

    But the 'Image' search results in google have not.

    After about a week or so, all the images from
    disappeared, but 4 days later the images (which are
    identical and have been 301 redirected to the new domain) are still
    failing to show up in a google image search..

    I have verified the new site in google web master tools etc.

    If you can give me any advice I would be very grateful.

    NB if it takes the same length of time to pick up a 301 redirect in image
    search, as it does to pick up new images after they are added to my site,
    then I would estimate that I could lose more than $1000 in Adsense income!


    Jordan McClements.
    Here was their reply:-

    Thank you for contacting Google AdSense.

    Due to the high volumes of emails that we receive, we're unable to
    individually respond to your enquiry. Please find instant, reliable
    answers to all your questions in our online Help resources............
    Thanks Google!

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    Re: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    All I could tell you is that Google Images works to a different time schedule and different rythym to the main organic SERPS. Not a lot of use I know.

    Personally, I'd sit on it for a few days and if nothing comes up, then i'd offer the images up to Google Image Labeller and let them be re-catalogued by some good old fashioned human beings.

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    Re: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    I can't help with the 301 but I thought I would mention that this page - Free Canada Photos / Desktop Backgrounds / Wallpaper seems to be messed up.

    The banner/header is at the bottom of the page and there are no photos (just shows a blank white area in the middle with a left and right column).

    Refreshing a couple of times shows me content for a second then it vanishes.

    I am using IE 7.

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    Re: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    frost, thanks (a problem with my updated css and a couple of pages using a different css file from the rest of the pages - I thought i had got all those ones).

    CBOsleeds - it does seem veiled in secrecy - I am only able to find pointers rather than black and white guidance.

    Nb - I have submitted the new site to Google web master tools and 'verified' it, and ticked the box to allow use of image labeller...

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    Re: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    I have also now added a sitemap.xml file through google webmaster central. (Generated using gsitecrawler),.

    I still don't see why I should have to do this - but I ahve done it anyway on the off chance it may make a difference...

    On the down side - if my images do come back soon I'll not be able to say if it was because I added the sitemap or not (but I have a feeling it won;t make much difference)..

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    Re: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    Nah - still 100% vanished from Google Image Search (6 days now)..

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    Re: 301 Redirect & Google Image Search

    Hi Jordan,

    Been following your ADsense thread so can see your urgency.

    I'm far from certain that the Google image database is updated re 301's/or similar as often as their search webpage database is. I won't go as far as to say they do this or that as we cannot know, despite what we read here, but we have faced similar problems which have been quickly resolved by creating new links and/or changing old links to the "lost" images with both internal and external links with primary search terms as the link.

    Start with some new internal links to the images you want found, I know sounds pointless..but never discount the value of your own internal links

    P.M. me a couple of the new image links and anchour text, I have sites in the South that I can put a couple on, leave the 301's in place of course and with some new internal/external related links telling Google you moved you'll be okay in a couple of weeks.

    It's not all smoke and mirrors unless we keep telling it so.

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