we are currently running a study refering to the studies of Michael Bernard in the years 2000 and 2002:


We want to check user expectations for the location of common web objects.
This research is being conducted in order to determine whether users worldwide expect certain elements on a website depending on the situation.

Our customer Carl Zeiss is supporting this research and will donate EUR 0.20 to the Wikimedia Foundation for each completed survey.

Unfortunately there is a lack of participants especially in North America, South America und Asia, and also in Europe there could be more participants.

Because of that I want to ask you to take part in the study and to encourage your friends on the continents we still need participants as well.

After the evaluation the results will be published, probably on the website of the „Hochschule der Medien“ in Stuttgart/Germany. I will be happy to post a link as soon as possible.

The test will take about ten minutes.
Here is a link list with links for the different countries:


Thanks for your help!