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Thread: They say this is not! MLM ,what do u say?

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    They say this is not! MLM ,what do u say?

    Hi all , I found this new internet store biz,they say it is not! MLM but it seems almost the same.What do you think?

    Its at

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    Hi bambam,
    I feel the difference between this and MLM is the referral aspect. As is the case with my site, you don't make personal sales, you refer people to the parent company, and they keep track of who referred the new customer and pay you accordingly. With old MLM of the past like AMWAY or AVON, you would have to make personal sales, place orders and keep records. Referral marketing does away with these problems and turns your role into advertising agent.
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    mlm or not

    Yes great piont! I think you have it right. Well I will look into it more.It does look interesting,but hey I said that before:)

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    Welcome BamBam,

    The easy test for MLM is use the "Duck principle". If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck .... Its a duck. :)

    FreestoreClub has both features as do most mlm's. You can simply market products yourself in retail fashion or be a "branch manager" by networking. Simply calling it a referral marketing system doesn't change the concept, only the method. Sales are sales, and you need customers for that.

    Time and effort are the keys with any sales. Be sure to let us know how it is going. With anything you consider, run the numbers. What will it take for a return on your investment(s) of time and money.

    BTW, I like the doorway on your site. Very sharp!
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    I've checked it out...

    I did check this out some time ago and considered joining. I'm not sure why I didn't. I remember reading their 7 day course and it made good sense to someone that does not care much for mlm in the first place.

    I suggest that you try out the free membership and see how it goes. I'm going to go ahead and sign up after I post this and review it again. Maybe I'll figure out what it was that prevented me form doing it several months ago.

    I just rechecked to be sure and it turns out that I did sign up! Here are the relevent pages that should make things clear:

    general information,
    free membership,
    silver and gold membership,

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    Free Store Club - advantages?

    I recently signed up for the FREESTORECLUB to take advantage of their inexpensive web hosting. I will be moving and updating my magnetic jewelry business page and have been considering jumping into the GOLD slot so I can advertise my jewelry on the Storefront.

    Has anyone used the Storefront Page to market their own products or to buy what they offer at great discounts?

    I noticed the two sites mentioned on this forum have been de-activated and I wonder if it was done by the participants or the company?

    Thank you for your imput.

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