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Thread: The importance of submission

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    Question The importance of submission

    Hi guys,
    very hard question,
    Do you think directories submission are really useful to promote my site in Google?

    I'm talking about all this thousands of thousands small directories that suggest free inbound links, all you need to do is "Add your url"
    Can I promote my site submit those unuseful directories, even if they have low usability-value?

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    Re: The importance of submission

    well, you could still submit to 'em directories, just choose those sites that has a nice PR and that is cached by Google every once in a while.

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    Re: The importance of submission

    My question is if anyone can tell me he promoted his website with all of those spam directories?

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    Re: The importance of submission

    spam directories? if it's a spam directory stay away from it.. just not a good thing to associate your site with..

    there are thousands of vertical directories in pretty much every category imaginable, those are the ones that I use for our clients, not only do some of them help with IBLs for google etc. but far more important is that they are vertical directories and will bring in targeted traffic to the sites...

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    Re: The importance of submission

    In the beginning we used directories exclusively. That was about 3 - 4years ago. Our traffic did improve dramatically over time.

    Now we use more articles, blogs, blog comments, and other sites.

    We never paid for a directory link, although, I'm sure there are ones that would be worth it. Some people swear by the Yahoo! Directory ($299 per/yr).

    But you asked about smaller directories. Keep in mind that even a PR0 can increase overtime and your free PRO link could become a PR4 or 5.

    I really don't watch PR though. If a site looks good, I submit my URL for the link.

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    Re: The importance of submission

    And how could I forget Forums.


    cd :O)

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    Re: The importance of submission

    Directories are one of many link development "channels". IMO, directories aren't a solution for every site some would be better served doing more Social Networking and less directories. SeoPros did reviewed a bunch of directory sites and I tried some submissions. IME, it isn't as good as just developing content people will link to. There are maybe 10 free general directories I'd submit to and maybe handful I'd pay for a review. IMO, using 1 link development method makes for a bad link profile. Mix directory subs, article syndication sites, press releases and social media sites that are targets of Googles Universal Search silos:
    1. Local
    2. Biz Listing
    3. Maps
    4. Image sharing
    5. Video Sharing (YouTube)
    6. Google Base (product reviews, products/froogle feeds and RE listings)

    If your Ecommerce you are further ahead to try and find free shopping engines and shopping blogs then submit to anything beyond the top 10-20 sites
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    Re: The importance of submission

    I think there are a number of directories that are still worth submitting to. I try to find smaller niche directories that are directly related to a site. For example medical directories for health care related sites or Realty sites for Realtors. And I agree with chrisJumbo that just because a directory has a PR of 0 doesn't mean this won't change.

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    Re: The importance of submission

    I do believe that it should be selective for directories that are related to your products or services. That way, it will be much better in terms of search results. I do not go for the mass submission for directories as they will be spamming your email. I am more selective when it comes to directories and I do it manually though it is quite tedious.
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    Re: The importance of submission

    Submitting to the myriad of "free listing" directories may bring you some additional traffic, but will be of little to no value re. your site's rankings, as few such directories are deemed authoritative by the SEs, owing to the fact that most do not vet the submissions.

    The party most likely to gain here is the directory's owner, as each additional listing serves to increase its content. Some/many of these directories are designed for this express purpose, with the owner's gaol being to sell it once it's PR attains its target level. Here at WPW itself you will find others both 1) offering free directory listings, and 2) offering to sell the same directories.

    The short story is that your work benefits them, with little to none for yourself.

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