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Thread: Multiple Web Stores

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    Multiple Web Stores

    Does anybody know shopping cart platform that would allow to build multiple web-stores based on one catalog? In other words we want to have Multiple Stores with multiple domains and ONE ADMINISTRATIVE PANEL controlling all the sites including the product catalog and order management.

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    Re: Multiple Web Stores

    Are you looking for multiple .com sites or multiple market places like ebay and amazon?

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    Re: Multiple Web Stores

    Elastic Path Commerce handles multi-store from one catalog - as many as you want for one license. I'm not sure if I can drop a link here so just google "elastic path multi-store" to find more info.

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    Re: Multiple Web Stores has a very nice software for this

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    Re: Multiple Web Stores

    We (Inchoo - E-Commerce development company with Magento and Wordpress) did this with Magento for some of our clients, it works like a charm

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    Re: Multiple Web Stores

    You mean you can set up many web store at the same time?

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    Re: Multiple Web Stores

    Quote Originally Posted by Emilyecho View Post
    You mean you can set up many web store at the same time?
    Yes, it's not hard to make Magento do that.

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    Re: Multiple Web Stores

    That's a new one on me. I know people that do what your asking with third party applications. The top two are StoneEdge and Order Motion.
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    Re: Multiple Web Stores

    Check out the sites for Sea Witch Antiques and Jacksonville NC Furniture (which use the same Magento admin). Magento eCommerce is very well suited to handle this need with the flexibility to extend much beyond your stated needs. IMHO.
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