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    Hi guys,

    Long time no talk! Been busy relocating my business so have not had time to keep up but have all podcasts in iTunes so will get back up-to-date with SEO 101.

    Anyway, I recently relocated from the US to Canada so my default Google search is now instead of Will this affect my SEO efforts as I check current rankings of my US-based clients in the Canadian flavor of Google? It gives me 2 options:

    1. Search the web
    2. Search pages from Canada

    Will the first option show me the same results as if I was based in the US? Should I recommend my new Canadian clients be hosted in Canada or the US in order to appear and rank in

    Thanks a lot, guys!
    All the best,
    Paul Mycroft
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    Re: and

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulMycroft View Post
    Will the first option show me the same results as if I was based in the US?
    Ostensibly yes, but I've never trusted it as I've seen some varying results (I'm in Montreal). If you want to get 'real' US results go to Google


    Woops. I didn't know that WPW automatically parsed URLs into hyperlinks. That should read ''. Just add the http: etc before...

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    Re: and

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulMycroft View Post
    Should I recommend my new Canadian clients be hosted in Canada or the US in order to appear and rank in
    As you know, users of the "Google.CA" interface get the option of seeing results only from sites Google thinks are "from" Canada.

    Google's various methods for determining this seem to get tweaked over time, but I've found that the use of a '.CA' domain trumps the IP geo-location ... which may be Google's first-pass factor.

    All domains we've hosted on U.S.-based servers have been reported as being "from" Canada when we've employed that TLD.

    (These domain also often have .COM incarnations.)


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    Re: and

    This is slightly off topic, but it may explain some things in the process.

    I'm a netepreneur, & I only realized last year that the SEs & some classified sites are NOW controlling our searches.

    We no longer have the option of where to search & this is terrible.

    I now have to get someone in the US to search for me every time I need US results, as 95% of my clients are in the US, so that's pretty well 98% of the time unless I'm looking for personal things I need to buy.

    I wrote to Google & they didn't care saying there is no other option.

    IMO it doesn't matter if you use .com or .ca or which radio button you click on, although there might be a slight difference.

    The ONLY results I get are from Canada, & anyone who knows anything about Canada knows CND business owners suck when it comes to the net.

    I end up getting UK results b4 I get US results. I think I even got AU results the other day & while I deal w/ the UK some of the time, normally I don't since they are too expensive for me. I never really deal with AU.

    It's been very upsetting to me & no one seems to give a damm.

    Even those classified sites refuse to let me post in .com b/c they are reading my IP address.

    Long gone are the days when the Internet erased all lines in the sand & allowed us to do biz worldwide. We are NOW being controlled by the SEs & classified sites, being told where we can search & post to. I really feel like we are being held hostage here.

    Anyone want to start a petition? I'm sure I'm only one of a few who cares about this (that I know of) since while there are a few netrepreneurs from Canada out there, hardly any are visible, so I have no idea what they do, maybe they only have CND clients, who knows.



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    Re: and

    Basically you should know three things:
    1. In most cases Google .ca will have different results the main index
    2. .Ca index includes sites with .ca or hosted in Canada and/or any site in the main index results though these seem to be weighted differently then in the main index ie: the .com etc. site often places lower than it does in the main index
    3. If you are working with Canadian sites understand the .ca index is default and so if your clients are targeting local then it is more important to place high in .Ca index then the main index. Use the main index as the target but don't sweat it as much as .ca index.

    I managed to get Google to default to .com but... can't remember how I did it.
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    Re: and

    Can't you go directly to different datacenters for Google and query them directly? I remember doing that during one of the updates a couple of years ago. It was my first 'pagerank' for a site of mine and I was looking at different datacenters and finding some showing my site ranking high in my search terms, and others not so high for the same term. If I could do that then to see which sites had updated and which hadn't, couldn't you do the same now to get results as though it were a US customer searching?
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    Re: and

    It is real easy to switch to from Simply go to the home page and to the right and under the "I'm feeling lucky" button you can use a link to take you to the home page. Once you are there set it as your default homepage and you will always be searching from and not

    This should be the case for any geo-Google home page.

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    Re: and

    Each and every Google Data Center can be directly queried via its IP Addresses.

    For a an overview of the locations of the current 36 DCs, see Royal Pingdom Map of all Google data center locations .

    For location specific information, see Wayfaring Map - Google Datacenters .

    Note that there is but a single DC, numbered 20 on the referenced maps, in Canada, that being in Toronto.

    To view rankings across multiple DCs simultaneously, try Google Data Center Multiple IP Address SEO Research Tool .

    Additional info. & tools can be found at google data centers - Google Search .

    You can separately query any given DC by going directly to one of its IP Addresses via your browser's Address Bar, rather than to Google.ext .

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    Re: and

    What's so difficult about changing ca to com?

    I'm located in Brazil and I have as my home page. When I have to go Google brazil I just click the link that says Google Brazil. I'm sure you can do the same in Canada.

    Besides that, SEO is the same. Just make sure you check in the right Google,.. (i.e. .com or .ca depending on your clients location.)
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