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Thread: Reality Tv Show

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    Reality Tv Show

    Which reality TV shows do you LIKE to watch? you know..shows like survivor, big brothers, and so on.

    I am not a real big fan of reality TV so, I am a big fan of Last Comic Standing, that show is just damn funny. Survivor is the only other reality show I actually watch. All those love and singing crap are just..No

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    Re: Reality Tv Show

    well, the series The Bachelor and Beauty and the Geek is amusing at times, Big Brother is a little bit overrated for me, survivor, no way, a bunch of dudes stabbing each others back.... would be great if Homer had a reality tv

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    Re: Reality Tv Show

    Well, the Series

    American Girl
    The Amazing Race
    American Idol
    America's.. Top Model
    The Apprentice
    The Bachelor
    Beauty and the Geek
    Big Brother is a little bit overrated for me.

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    Re: Reality Tv Show

    The best Reality TV Series:

    The Amazing Race
    America's.. Top Model
    The Bachelor
    Beauty and the Geek

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    Re: Reality Tv Show

    In India, Bigg Boss on Colour TV.

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    Re: Reality Tv Show

    I like - american idol - the amazing race - survivor - beauty and the geek - america's next top model

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    Re: Reality Tv Show

    i like to watch fear factor reality show.

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    Re: Reality Tv Show

    i love big boss and big brother reality show.

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    Re: Reality Tv Show

    i want to watch one and only one reality show that is fear factor. i like so much.

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    Re: Reality Tv Show

    well, since I have been staying with my two elder sisters for a while, most of the time, what we would watch, since we only have one tv, are sort of more feminine reality shows... something like project runway or shear genius or The Kardashians...they are nice but don't really watch them that much.

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