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Thread: Plurk

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    Has anyone tried Plurk?

    It's suppose to be better than twitter. I've just joined Janeth - but have not figured it all out yet.

    Here is an article on it Plurk: The Power of Wasting Time - Search and Internet Marketing rants, news and views - the Fire Horse Trail

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    Re: Plurk

    eh I think I'll stick with following the crowd on this one. I have a Plurk account but I'm sticking with Twitter for now because there are more people on it. Plurk has some interesting features but nothing extraordinary that would get me to jump ship. The view is nice but I like twitter's timeline better personally. Now if Twitter could just figure out their API issues etc.

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    Re: Plurk

    I am on both and have yet to see what plurk is good for. Anyways, add me on both if you like

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    Re: Plurk

    How about Plutter Kite: The Ultimate Micro-Blogging Service.

    Combine the Best Features of Twitter, Plurk, and Brightkite for Plutter Kite ยป techipedia | tamar weinberg

    They just keep them going. Too many to keep up with.

    My Twitter is Twitter / JanethD

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    Re: Plurk

    Love your blog Janeth, way cool!

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    Re: Plurk

    Quote Originally Posted by GapBridge View Post
    Love your blog Janeth, way cool!

    I am setting up a new one now. I should have a link to it in the next couple hours.

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    Re: Plurk

    Oh I am a MAD plurker Janeth.... he he.... have a look; the Fire Horse Trail -

    Wanna be my friend? Noticed U haven't even used it yet...

    I did a post a while back ; Now that was a Plurking Hoot! - that might help along the way...

    ...also Sphunn a story today with some tools.... (forget the link).. but slowly more features and tools are broadening the experience....

    Peeps should at least give it some time to see how it works out... it is a personal taste IMO... it's not really Twitter... but likely a niche toy more than maximum velocity...

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