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Thread: Email Flyers And Mass Email

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    Email Flyers And Mass Email

    Hi all,

    For a new project of mine, I need to create an email flyer and send mass email using MS Outlook 2003. My question is:

    1) Can someone please tell me how I can create an email or direct me to a tutorial.
    2) Can someone please tell me if the mass-email can be managed from MS Excel (2003).

    Any ideas/feedback would be a big help for me. Thanks.

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    Re: Email Flyers And Mass Email

    I do not know. How could you send bulk email or where did you get the address?

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    Re: Email Flyers And Mass Email

    Try Constant Contact. You can manage everything there and it is easy to create a nice looking Email message.
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    Re: Email Flyers And Mass Email

    Have a look at Email Newsletter Software for Web Designers - Campaign Monitor or Let your clients send their own email newsletters - MailBuild (from the same people).

    Templates / your own html email design / automatic inline styles / lots of features / easy and cheap...

    Good luck,

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    Smile Re: Email Flyers And Mass Email

    You really cannot use Outlook for mass mailing. For a start, it's a cumbersome way to do things. In addition, you put yourself at decided risk and can end up having their service withdrawn.
    What you should look into is the likes of ConstantContact or iContact. They're both well established and recognized mass mailing people. Their facilties include an html editor, management of your mailing list list, and a quite modest charge.

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    Re: Email Flyers And Mass Email

    If you INSIST on "doing it yourself" there are inexpensive packages like MailListKing, GroupMail, etc. You must have your ISP open up Port 25 for these to work (generally a pain in the butt). Additionally, you need an external SMTP server to send them (GroupMail has an option where you do not need the SMTP server, but it "drops" about 15% of your emails that way.).
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    Re: Email Flyers And Mass Email


    Mathew from Campaign Monitor and MailBuild here. If you have any questions about either product, just let me know and I'll help you out.

    Even if you don't choose to go with Campaign Monitor or MailBuild, I'd recommend checking out A Guide to CSS Support in Email and 2008 Email Design Guidelines - Campaign Monitor Blog for solid research
    on planning and building HTML emails.

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