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Thread: STICKY - PLEASE READ - About the Affiliate Marketing Discussion Forum

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    Exclamation STICKY - PLEASE READ - About the Affiliate Marketing Discussion Forum

    Welcome to WPW's Affiliate Marketing and Discussion Forum!

    Please read this before proceeding or posting to this category, whether you are new to the forum or are (especially) returning to this category.

    Feel free to post questions and provide answers, opinions, etc. that deal with the topic of the wonderful world of Affiliate Marketing.

    This forum is for questions and comments on affiliate programs. Includes strategies for starting an affiliate program, which programs to join, affiliate program software, and more.

    We hope you'll find these discussions valuable, and we wish you success.

    *** Now, please also note that spam and self-promotion is something that is highly looked down upon, by everyone. I'd like to personally thank members who've helped out by reporting those types of posts, and we're grateful for everyone's continued cooperation --- not only in abstaining from spamming and self-promotion, but also in reporting these types of posts. Posts and member accounts of spam will be dealt with accordingly. ***

    Thanks, and see you around in the discussions!

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    Just a reminder: this forum is for discussion of marketing for affiliate programs. It is not for promoting any particular affiliate program. Please note that our forum does not allow affiliate links anywhere. Thank you!
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    In light of the continual abuse of this sub-forum by drive-by posters, etc., there is now a minimum involvement requirement. Only members in good standing who qualify for Signature links will be permitted to post here. Anyone posting in this sub-forum who does not meet these requirements will have their posts summarily deleted.

    Members are free to discuss this requirement in the WebProWorld: Guidelines/Announcements/Suggestions sub-forum.
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