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Thread: linking database to website

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    linking database to website


    I was wonderin if anybody know's this,

    How can I link a database to a website. The situation in the company I work for now is:
    They have a database (filemaker?) where they can upload pictures and text from. The database is link to two or three different templates in dreamweaver. These templates can be updated with new information from the database. But for example when we put in a new business to the template, lets say a pet store, and people search in google search for a pet store it won't come up. I know that is normal because it's not on the actual website, but in the database. But does anybody know HOW we can make sure people will find these single businesses.

    If anybody understands, I would be pleased to hear.

    Lowie te Riele

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    It is a bit unclear exactly how your site works from how you desribe it.

    Normally a site using a database will have:
    - Host server running MySql, SQLServer, or ODBC or something similar.
    - A equivalent database stored in a private or db folder on your file area
    - html, asp or php pages which interact with the database.

    So normally a browser requests a page, the server reads the page, carries out the instructions including the fetches from the database, constructs the page in html and sends the result to the browser.

    For you to update the database, you will have to have some admin pages on your site, that will allow you to add or modify data on the database residing on the web server. This data is then available to the site pages.

    So where do you think in this train of events you are having problems?

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    Well, the database that we use is generated from xml and miva mia (our host is yahoo).

    But how do you make these admin pages?

    Thanks in advance.

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    To make it a bit more clear:
    Our website ( has an opportunity to search for businesses that are for sale, this search can be done on different pages.
    Let's say you are looking to buy a caravan park you can search this in business type (in our search option). Then a list (a template in dreamweaver) of caravan parks (generated from the database, miva mia and xml) comes up. On this list you can make a choise and click on one of the businesses to see pictures and more information (this is also generated from the database)on another page (also a template in dreamweaver).

    Hope this makes it more clear.
    If anybody can help, thanks a lot!

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