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    Leighton Asia

    An elegant site for multinational contracting corporation.

    Please review and comment.

    Thank you.
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    While the opening page is neat, somehow it wasn't "inviting" enough for me.

    I was elsewhere when the animation loaded (as is often the case as I open a page while reading something else) so I missed the first animation and only saw text punched out of the photo effect on first view.

    I liked the effect but I felt it would have acutally been more effective on a smaller scale. When I revisited the home page I realised there was an animation (and it changed each time you visit). It was well done, but I still felt that it took up too much screen real estate. The navigation etc was so overshadowed by it the final page looked imbalanced to me (just mny opinon).

    The internal pages were also vey well implemented. I did think it a bit odd that the logo is a dark blue and orange, but the highlights on the pages were done in Red. I kinda wanted the logo to use red, or the pages to use orange to tie them together better... At present the logo seems totally detached fro the rest of the site & pages...

    Overall though I have to say it is a well made sit and I really like clear and simple layout of the copy on the individual pages. Many designers miss that.

    Good Luck. Tania
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    Howdy! :)

    I would suggest having a slight delay time between when you mouseout of the menu and when it hides itself to allow for some grace period for users. Otherwise it can get kind of frustrating for going to a third level submenu and you keep accidentally mousing off of it and have to start all over again. ;)

    You might also want to watch out for having so much flash integration with the site. While it makes it look good, it can also be kind of overwheling. Especially on the locations pages with the maps, I'd have them just change red when you mouseover and not scale up at all. ^_^

    Just my two cents... Hey, a penny for your thoughts, so I put my two cents in....(*thinks hard*).... Someone's getting a penny and it ain't me! :(

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    Right off the bat. I do not like having to maximize my windows to see a site. Especially at 1024 x 768. The 800/default looked much better

    Second, I could barely see my scroll bars since you changed their color and format. That right there made me want to leave the site.

    I gave it a few seconds to explore, but then your menu irritated the heck out of me. It was too touchy. I finally saw that you had a site map, but by then I had lost interest in the site. Sorry
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