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Thread: comparing 2 shopping carts

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    shopping cart

    hi would any one like to compare osCommerce cart to
    AgoraCart for me. i can not decide between the two.
    thanks alot

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    I didn't like the osCommerce but , not meaning to throw you off, take a look at and check out their software. They just came out with Lite Commerce. The program is fantastic. we are going to set up another server using the Lite Commerce. can't beat the price tag of 95.00
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    Well, I haven't used agoracart for some time, but the main differences are:
    -takes longer to set up
    -more of a learning curve (php & design)
    -lots more features and add-ons!

    My Advice ?
    I am often asked "which shopping cart to use".
    But only you know what exactly you require.

    Install them both and try them out.
    It's the only way to learn.
    Before you start customizing and changing the look, you should add products to them and as a visitor, try purchasing from the cart.
    Only then will you know what the cart can and cannot do. One very important example is payment processor. Which one do you plan to use? And does the cart support that one ?
    There's no sense customizing with your colours, logo, etc. only to find the cart doesn't do what you want.
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    shopping cart

    Hi,check out the cart we use on our website, it has worked great for us.
    If you have questions you can email, us. You can try it before you buy too. We found no better solution and we have more than one site, it has not given us any problems.

    Good Luck
    Rose Vidal
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