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Thread: Who's making money with affiliate websites?

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    It' getting better everyday

    Quote Originally Posted by Paid 2 Lotto

    I am making a little profit. But started 3 months ago only, so I expect to grow my checks.

    These days I earn 70/monthly which is not much, but if this continues to grow this way I expect to earn
    400-500 by the end of this year and to make it my full time job.

    BTW, here in my country 70 is 1/3 of the average salary, so I am happy for that :)

    Have a nice day or night.

    Well, another week has gone and currently I am earning 80 monthly :)

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    Post subject

    I make a decent income from 1 affiliate program. Currently adding my own affiliate program to a new site I've created in an effort to learn the other side of affilite programs. I'm paying cash for my 2nd home with my affiliate earnings at this time.. as well as paying for my sports car, my affiliate earnings paid for my current home as well. Not so bad for a hillbilly from NC.. lol. I encourage all to stay after it.. there's gold in em thar internet hills!
    love life .. and share it

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    Who's Making Money???

    I have found that asking that question is akin to asking a person's age, weight, measurements :-)

    To break down the barrier, I can help you with some affiliate stats from a dating program. Last year, I was Affiliate Director of a dating niche market with whom I am no longer connected. Cannot be more specific. As you have probably heard, 10% of the affiliates earn 90% of the commissions and I found this to be true.

    Most affiliates earned no commissions at all. The highest commission was $850 to a large, very well-established website with great offers and content that had nothing to do with dating but was very relevant to the particular dating group. These people sent out a newsletter on a regular schedule which included the dating information.

    Average commissions were from $50 to $300 of the rest of the 10% of affiliates. Rate of commission was 30%-35%. As with most dating sites, membership is free. However, the money is made from conversions (when free members become paying members).

    I hope that information is of some help to you.
    Terri Arnold
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    i like this

    At the bottom of my signature you will see a music link. I love that as that one link makes about approx $500 a month which I use to help several people who are financially in need.
    When I first saw that site I thought it was a big joke as it looks so spammy and the website goes on and on but since a friend introduced it to me I thought it was not gonna hurt since it was free. So I tried it out and has proved to be a real blessing not just to me but many people as well.

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    Well..115 a month = about $230 monthly!!!

    Expect $1.000 monthly by the end of this year.

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    Euro Lottoe

    I only glanced over your website but it certainly looks like MLM to me. Back when I came online in 1998, the Internet was full of lotto advertising that has since petered out.
    I am curious about how your program works. Will you explain it as briefly as possible? Like so many others online, I like to cut to the chase so I can determine quickly if there is something there for me - or not!
    Terri Arnold
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    ok as simple as I can...

    I am an affiliate of VWD which is UK company whose offers playing UK national lottery and also EuroMillions (new European mega lotto) online using a special mathematical syndicate system which improves odds of winning.

    As an affiliate you earn monthly provisions for introducing new players.
    The only disadvantage of this program is that to become an affiliate you need to be an active player yourself.

    How you earn:
    You earn on 7 levels..if you build a group of 500 people or more you earn on infinity levels.

    You get 4 GBP monthly for every member in your 1st level
    You get 1 GBP monthly for every player in 2-7 level.

    When you introduce 5 players you cover your monthly fee (which is used for buing tickets to lotto) and you play richest lump sum lotteries for FREE!!!
    With every next member you build a residual ongoing monthly income.

    My offer is that if you sign up with me I give you 3 members...more info on my page or email, so 2 more to introduce yourself and you are building a nice income + have big chances to win couple of thousands or millions in UK or EU lotto.

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    Paid 2 Lotto

    My question: Exactly how much money must an affiliate pay each month?
    Terri Arnold
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    Re: Paid 2 Lotto

    Quote Originally Posted by amberstar702
    My question: Exactly how much money must an affiliate pay each month?
    Monthly subscription is 20 GBP
    For that you receive 44 chances to win twice a week if you choose to play UK national lottery
    Or 36 chances a week to win EuroMillions.

    However to be honest and save your time or dissapointment..there is another 20 pounds reserve fund ( which is used in case you do not manage to pay your monthly fee)..but this is payable back to you once you generate enough commisions to cover your 2 months fee.

    And you pay a registration fee 4.95 for 1 year.

    So to sign up you need 45,

    NOTE: Once you introduce 5 members you play for FREE and can build a nice monthly income.

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    Our top affiliates each earn $5,000-$12,000 monthly. We have very few that earn less than $100 monthly. Most earn anywhere from $200-$2000 monthly by promoting our long term care insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, annuity, 401K rollovers, replacement windows, siding, sunrooms, and roofing websites. With a wide product line to choose from, almost all of the affiliates who join our program are able to find something they are successful at promoting and earning commissions on. I am a firm believer that affiliates can make money, some 6 or 7 figures a year! Maybe I'm on the wrong side. :)
    Finding a program that you can work with and offering suitable programs for audience is a great place to start on your way to top monthly earnings.

    Karen Hudgins
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