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Thread: The "nofollow" tag

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    Re: The "nofollow" tag

    I do not use the "nofollow" attribute anymore. I have developed better and more secure techniques instead.

    But since the discussion is about the "nofollow" attribute, it is still legitimate to use for OBLs. But not for your web site internal navigation.

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    Re: The "nofollow" tag

    Im in the process of testing an orphan page to see if a title tag on a nofollow link will make a page get found for the term in the title tag. There is no links to the orphan page apart from 3 nofollow links. The orphan page does not discuss the keyword in the title tag either so it will be an interesting test. Ill update this when I know more.
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    Re: The "nofollow" tag

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    Re: The "nofollow" tag

    thanks kgun ill have a look now. Im really interested in the nofollow side of things, much appreciated.
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