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Thread: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

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    Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

    Having my Google Adsense income drop this year by 75% sometime in June and not recovering in the last 6 months, I have to wonder if Google Adsense is even worth the effort anymore.

    I've put in 2 years of work to see it almost disappear.

    I'm beginning to think that Adsense is now dead for me.

    Am I the only one?


    P.S. I've also had a client who was spending around $500 a month on Adsense and totally gave up on them due to poor response to numerous ads and then finding his ads on porn sites, also being charged for clicks when no clicks had occurred, this according to the adsense statements on their site. Coupled with a very poor response from the adwords support, he simply gave up and with my blessing. We now use other avenues to advertise.

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    Re: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

    oh geez, my revenues bite too...but they're getting better...maybe the extra time, research and effort you put into making the sites your Adsense ads (not Adwords) are on will help increase earnings over time.

    I wouldn't give up - even if you make 500 a year with Adsense on sites that you don't touch, that's still an extra 500 a year.

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    Re: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

    Adsense = ad cents

    affiliate dollars = $1,000.00s

    Google has a problem doing no evil and continually degrades publisher income.

    Your client cannot spend $500.00 on Adsense since Adsense if for publishers to earn money...

    Your client spent $500.00 via Adwords to run ads on the Adsense network which as most marketers know is akin to shooting oneself in the foot, the quality of most Adsense websites is very poor and as such does not drive a targeted buying consumer to the advertiser.

    You would probably serve your client best by finding professional marketing help.


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    Re: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

    97% of advertising revenue goes to the top 3 or 4 sites ... the rest goes to the other million sites.

    Can anyone say "subscriptions"?


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    Re: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

    I've used Adsense for several years. My revenues dropped by about 75% this year as well. I've not "given up," but I've been looking at other avenues of residual income.
    My reseller account went down to less than $10 per month this year, which is a huge drop. I'll probably be pulling all their ads off my sites soon.
    Adwords... I don't use it. I've found that in competitive areas, the competition clicks more than potential clients. I just did a test two months ago, and spent over $200 in two weeks, without one extra real lead. I just don't use it.

    On the consumer side, I completely ignore any pay per click ads unless I"m gaging them for a new campaign, and have found that my clients do the same. They know which ones are the paid ads (especially when surfing google), and reject them for "real results."

    It's tough to determine where to go though. Commission Junction has always been a big waste of my time, I've never made anything worthwhile compared to the time their system takes.

    I've added Kontera to some of my sites, but the results are mixed. It's easy to set their stuff up, but the revenues haven't been that great.

    If you find anything that looks good out there, tell me, and I will as well...
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    Re: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

    We still make a OK income from Adsense, but it is about 75% of what it used to me. However, we are steadily working to get away from adsesnse all together as the future is bleak. Since Google went IPO, the profits have dropped, though clicks throughs on our networks have double. Ugh.

    Adwords in the content network, is valid and worth while if managed correctly. Be sure to turn on the seperate bids for the content network. It save tons of money.

    I would love for Google to apply some better filters to who they allow in their AdSense network. Most sites with adsense are just pure garbage.
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    Re: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

    Hi Jean,

    Never really been fond of either of them. I Tried putting adsense on several websites we run and the pittance we got in return for the thousands of hits was just not worth the effort.

    Also, tried adwords and found we'd be running at a loss very soon if we continued at the rate we were.

    I hear of many success stories though, so it must work, just need to know the tricks I suppose, which I don't.

    I even had a Google representative call me saying that my site, with its page rank ( and Alexa rank (7,000 at the time) , (yes he quoted Alexa rank <*shock*>) could generate over $2000 per month. Great I thought, so I put adsense on my site. Total was more like $50 for the month. The degradation of the site because of the ads just wasn't worth $40 so it was hastily removed.
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    Re: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

    It's possible that the area you have choosen "Retirement communities is just sour right now. With the slump in real Esate market people have to sell before they buy. I have seen increases in revenue, but we still keep adding pages to sites. Different markets go through changes, some are naturally seasonal as well. Diversify by going into several markets and in the long run it pays off. Just keep marketing your sites.

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    Re: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?

    Adsense has never been very profitable for us. You need a really appealing site with many visitors who understand that your site (e.g., blog) is supported by the ads - and they have to click the ads.
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    Re: Google Adsense/Adwords - Is It Even Worth It Anymore?


    as soon as i hit the payout in jan. dropping adsense and my Marlboro's. you see it on so many sites, i think some people see it as a merrygoround. and the false clicks, fom sites like sucked.

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