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Thread: One website, two domains

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    Re: One website, two domains

    i am currently using the above technique (one site for main content, the other as a blog with quick updates) and it's working well. but in the past in a similar situation i used to just have the two (actually more like 5 or 6) domains all pointing to the same site (i.e. i set up in godaddy that all my domains were pointing to the same DNS)

    Can someone explain to me why the first technique is better than the second?


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    Re: One website, two domains

    In redirects Google only gives ranking to the final site. If you have some kind of content on each they could each get position then you could link them to the site you feel is your primary site.
    Just be sure you have unique content on both. I've tried both. I had a site that had been up for about 10 years. I did a redesign and uploaded that with a new domain. As soon as I changed site one, to a redirect it dropped out of the search ranking on all sites. It sucks but you'll have to put content for each

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    Re: One website, two domains

    I believe they should really have different content...

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    Re: One website, two domains

    I totally agree, they should have different content.

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