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Thread: Tweaking Pages for Yahoo

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    Tweaking Pages for Yahoo

    This is probably a bit too early to ask, but does anyone have any idea on how I could optimize pages for the new Yahoo Bot? Thanks

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    Hi Aimee - hope you're enjoying Hanoi.

    Based on what I have seen with my own sites I suggest that you follow the old MSN formula which still seems to work well for both the new Yahoo and MSN:

    Good page title with the primary keyphrase at the beginning, not longer than 80 characters (60 for Google so you might want it shorter)

    Good Meta description with the prime keyword at the beginning and not longer than 20 characters

    Meta keywords tag with not more than 15 phrases seperated by commas.

    H1 tag at the top of the page with the keyword at the beginning.

    h2 and h3 tags if the page will fit them confortable.

    Use the keyphrase in:
    The first and last paragraphs.
    In bold text at least once
    In italics at least once
    In a list if you can fit one in.
    Lots of Good inbound links.

    I have the same pages ranking well for MSN, Yahoo and Google at the moment so if you have good ranking Google pages you might just tweak them a bit as described above.

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