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Thread: Social Networking Site

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    2 Social Networking Site

    Hi guys, here is my site - gagla - Just another social networking site.... or much more?

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    Re: Social Networking Site

    I don't know if I've ever visited a more handsome looking site. It makes a very nice first impression.

    On the other hand, I didn't feel your site provided a coherent statement about what the site is supposed to provide that's new or unique. The closest thing I saw was probably this statement: "gagla is a site where over 2 million people are part of a revolutionary community."

    Yeah right! Maybe "over two people"! What's supposed to be so revolutionary about your "community"?

    I think basic copy writing is what you need to focus on now that the graphic and web design are nailed down so nicely.

    IMHO, you need to start with a much better tagline than "networking as never before".


    You'll get more and better reviews on this board if you review other peoples sites.


    If this review has helped you at all, please return the favor by reviewing my newest site:

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    Re: Social Networking Site

    The design is very nice, very professional looking, clean, and it allows the content to be focused on.
    It does fall apart in some user profiles where the user uploaded images that are wider than the area allotted for them, so look into a solution for that.
    Here's an exmaple: gagla - View Profile

    Something is also funky on your search page; some of the radio buttons aren't aligned with the text content (Firefox Mac 2.0.0. and I wasn't thrilled to have clicked "More..." on the bottom of the "Featured People" sidebar to have taken me to the search page. I was interested in seeing more featured pepople; maybe finding out WHY they are featured (are they popular? do they have a special talent? etc...).

    You've also got 75 XHTML 1.0 Trans validation errors; I would look into that.
    While you're knee deep in XHTML, why not ditch the tables? With such a clean design, they're not really necessary and may interfere with people wanting to access your site from something other than a computer (an iPhone, for example). I bet that would help with the layout breaking with large images I mentioned above.

    This site has a nice look and feel, an interesting concept, but needs some technical 'tightening of the screws'.
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    Re: Social Networking Site

    Thanks for your review guys, I will definitely look into the suggestions you mentioned about technical side of the site. We are still working on solving the bugs on the site and try to nail everyone of them. I really appreciate your reviews!

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