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Thread: Psychic/Astrology/New Age/

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    Psychic/Astrology/New Age/

    Interested in exchanging links with quality websites (NOT UK based - we charge for UK listings) in the Psychic/New Age/Astrology/Paranormal category.
    Top ranking in Google



    Etc., in Psychic/Paranormal categories.

    Website cobers astrology, paranormal, psychics, alternative medicine, mind games, spirituality etc.
    Kate Lennon
    Links Manager

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    Astrology Business Cards

    I may be interested. Let me know if you think we are a good fit..

    Professor Print
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    Dear Kate,

    One of the sites I work on focusses on Feng Shui. We have a domain but we are actually international... although we have domain too, the preceeded it by a couple of years and so has better PR and hence is the main URL we use. We have a UK registered office because we operate there as a limited company and so it is a legal requirement, but our staff are now based in Vancouver, Canada and operate worldwide. I don't know how you feel about that, but we have decent listings on most engines and respectable traffic figures from an audience closely akin to yours. Have a look and see what you think.

    Our addy is

    Warm regards,
    Dani x
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    our site sells swarovski crystal prism hangers and prisms with more added constantly for a variety we are a best friend stay at home mom owned bussiness take a look and let me know if you interested.
    check out my site and please feel free to give constuctive feedback i would love to know if its ok and if you love or hate our whimsy designs.Hidden Content

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